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Amit Ranjan Jha
04-05-2014, 05:19 AM
well im playing from 6 months...i found this game interesting...but as matter of fact now..spent over 10 tokens in gothic reactor and still no luck..i got three mutants..alien and medussa never came,...irritated...sold the gothic mutants...now i tried 4 times the japan reactor...and i got two dragons and two nordic knights(what is this)....i tried 5 times the hero reactor and i get one captain peace and one batman..and 3 hulks...(still what is this).....okay im not lucky with this reactor...so coming to breeding with l2 breeder..spent 3 gold star to get two techno and one deus machina...why i cant get mekali...might b no luck with this breeding centre...still okay...now coming to the jackpot machine...is it ever going to pay me jackpot? or im just trying to collect 10k credits and mutosterone and so called powerups like anticritical shield and critical strike?...spent more than 1000 gold...so no luck with the jackpot slots....so overall i have a question....is your system compromised? or u dont know to organise fair play

Dux Djmarino
04-05-2014, 06:50 PM
i have noticed this lately everything is getting upsettingly difficult. I have successively four breeding failures with gold stars. Something in the breeding center have changed. I have seen people breeding GG and failed 3-4 times breeding center 3 before getting a gold GG.

Mohammad Shakir
04-07-2014, 04:39 PM
Same breeding problem with me i tried to breed elite versions of anubis after wasting my 31 bronze stars i got my got bronze anubis then i tried for silver anubis after wasting my 11 silver stars i am still unable to breed him then some players told me to upgrade my bc i upgraded my bc to level 2 i again tried for him i again wasted my 4 silver star i stopped mission anubis then i tried for elite version of humongous i again wasted 6 bronze star and finally got my bronze humongous then i tied for silver humongous again my 3 silver stars are wasted and few minutes ago i had wasted my 4th silver star and got a breeding time of 8hrs
at my every try i have got leech lord , baron lundi, nebulon, or ghostomanout. now again some players are giving me advice to upgrade my bc to level 3 -_- is there any garranty after upgrading my bc to level 3, breeding anubis humongous and other mutants will be easier for me? all this difficulties are making this game now boring please do something :apologetic:
and sorry for wrong grammer

Ho De
04-14-2014, 09:05 AM
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