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04-16-2014, 12:33 AM
i'm new player (lvl42 and 110 mutants) and find this game very nice and addicting.

However, i would love to add some strategy to the fight :
- what about you can "charge" the next attack (3 time regular damages) but passing actual attack.
- what about "no-damaging" skills (at lvl20, 30, 40...) :
---- healing (self, target or group)
---- shield (self, target or group)
---- taunt (target or oponent group) for X turn
---- avoid critical (100%)
---- mutation (change oponent gene, to random)
---- stun (50% effect)
---- DOT (like poison)
---- Cure (DOT, stun, mutation, taunt)
---- avoid attack (for X turn)

Also there is one thing i don't understand, why only the FIRST gene determine the damage recive ?
It would be cooler if both gene (when there is 2) were taking into consideration :
Attack +25% against Necro, +40% against Mythic, -25% Cyber, -40% Beast:
- Necro/Necro would get +50%
- Necro/Mythic : +65%
- Mythic/Mythic : +80%
- Mythic (sigle gene) : +40%
- Beast/Beast : -80%
- Beast/Necro (or Necro/Beast) : -15%
- Beast/Cyber : -65%

Wayne C Halverson
04-16-2014, 01:57 PM
I don't want to to see any of that kind of stuff added to the game. No tapping, no collecting ore, no FF7 stuff.
Don't think complex is always more strategic and it's certainly not always better.

Your idea about the secondary gene was cool though.

I got a few ideas for the game and wish they had a wishlist area in the forum.

First I would like to see every Zodiac mutant get stronger during their horoscope season during the year.

I don't want them to become the best thing in the game during astrological timing.I just want to see them close the gap from being a Silver level mutant to more of a gold level mutant. I suggest that once a year the zodiac mutants close the gap on advantage the gold star mutants have over them.

The annual bonus perk that the Zodiac mutants get should not be game changing, just fun. Something that makes them do slightly more damage Say 5% and gain slightly more Hit points Say 5%. These are just examples not suggestions.

Set a bonus that rotates from each Zodiac mutant to the next. During the cusp of each sign you could split the bonus between both signs making it a smaller bonus but for twice as many zodiac mutants.

Aries-Taurus Cusp April 15 25 for those 10 days the bonus would be half for Aries and half for Taurus.

Taurus/Gemini May 19 to May 23 same thing only split the bonus with Gemini and Taurus now.

04-24-2014, 05:53 PM
I think the OP's ideas would make this game SOOOOOO much better. Problem is, it is a facebook game. It already runs slow once you acquire a lot of mutants, and the slowdown would get worse. Additionally, what attracts people to facebook games is simplicity. While there are a solid group of real gamers like yourself and me that still dabble with facebook games, the target audience is not the real/hardcore gamer.

If you added real elements of gaming to the strategy, most people would become frustrated and quit.

That being said, when a company finally goes out and designs a super high-quality strategy/rpg for facebook, it will get quite a following. I think games like this and marvel: avengers alliance keep pushing the envelope further and further towards that eventual real facebook game.