View Full Version : Mutants Genetic Gladiators Changes

Thomas Jann P. Esportuno
05-01-2014, 11:37 AM
Hi to all.. This is just my suggestion . Kobojo many players of Mutants are complaining about the changes you did about the leveling. They said when you reach level 150 and above you can't get any gold.. And you said that this is a bug then you just fixed it, for me its not a bug its just normal to have 50 gold each level you know why? you are selling mutants for gold like that gold zombat for 1500 gold we can't buy that if we dont have enough gold to buy it because we are just normal players we dont spend real money for the game so my suggestion bring back the gold each time we level up because many of us are bored playing this game and others are quitting.. Second: you have changes in the prizes for campaign its not ok because you changed the 1 billion credits to that 3 reactors we dont have enough credit to upgrade our evolution center because you changed that 1 bil. and if you put it on discount you just discount it for 20% thats just too little.. Kobojo please get back the 1 billion on omega and also the jackpot tokens because you see we can earn it by participating event and i suggest you make it 20 jackpot tokens on the 50th stage then change the jackpot tokens and reactors to credits so that we can upgrade our evolution center.. Third : make compounds more because many of our compounds are really full of mutants so we expect that you add compounds.. Fourth : The mutant slots upgrade it and make the credits to 20,000 because 10,000 is really small.. I expect that you can improve the game Kobojo so please do my suggestions and if you have an idea why dont you ask us so that we can debate if we agree or not.. Thanks Kobojo Please fix these i want 1 billion back and the compunds and also gold for leveling up..