View Full Version : Kobojo must read this! Please fix this as soon as possible..

Thomas Jann P. Esportuno
05-02-2014, 01:42 AM
Hi to all these are all my suggestions because many players are complaining about these so please fix this kobojo..

First: The campaign rewards.. remove all campaign rewards than we can get on PVE / PVP like the jackpot and reactor tokens bring back the credit rewards especially the 1 billion credits in omega because we really need it for our evolution center so that we can upgrade it. Please Kobojo bring it back :(

Second: The gold for leveling up.. Many players are bored of playing this game because fame 150 + they cant receive any gold so please bring this also back so we can have gold.. You said that giving gold to those fame 150 + is a bug that you just fixed ,for me no its not a bug because you keep selling those stupid mutants in gold how can we purchase it if we dont have any gold?? Am i right and also sell mutants for credits so that we can also buy it..

Third : The compounds.. Build more compounds if you can Kobojo because many of our compounds are full of mutants and you keep releasing new mutants so build more compounds for us to put that new mutants..

Fourth : The evolution center discount.. I think 20% is not enough Kobojo make it 25% or 30 % discount if possible.. Thanks

Fifth: Improve the PVE rewards think of rewards that is necessary for us MGG players and i suggest the 50th reward make it 20 jackpot tokens please.. and in the 20th reward i think 1 bronze star is not enough so make it 3 and also the 80th reward silver star make it two..

Thanks Kobojo hope you read this and make improvements on the game so you will have more MGG players.. :) Thanks for reading my suggestion..