View Full Version : Greedy update. Real fact of campaign reward change.

05-10-2014, 10:57 AM
After I post my post in Tech Centre Prices following the update to the campaign rewards.They do not response. And when I write new reply it was delete. Now it sure that this update not make the whole process more complex.But make them get more income by pay real money to upgrade evo.And what you say the reasons for the change were valid, and were required for the ongoing improvement and growth of Mutants.No, it were not were required for the ongoing improvement and growth of Mutants.But it made for your required for the ongoing improvement and growth of Mutants on your business and youjr imcome only.You screwed all player in this game completely.I think it good time to screwed your greedy company back by not pay real money for them anymore.I am sure if youjr stupid company run out of income that will make your sense to change reward back to credit right.Ok all players who read my massage please tell your friends not spend you cash for any game anymore and see what stupid company will continue this idiot update or it will screwed this greedy company to make their send to change reward in campaign back like normal.I tell my friends not spend cash for this game anymore but need all player to screwed their greedy update by not support them cash.I know this greedy company still control all player to buy his gold but if you buy it that mean you consider this greedy update and they will continue to screwed you again and again. But if you all not support them anymore with no buy their cash.It will repel this greedy update and screwed them back.