View Full Version : Mutant Reactor rigged?

Justin McFarland
05-11-2014, 05:39 AM
I read in another post somewhere that the reactor is all about luck. I saved up my tokens and after 5 spins i had 4 mutants, seems good so far. Now ive had 29 spins and i still cant get the last one i need. There is no way my luck can be that bad as to get the Enforcer 8 times, Leech Lord 10 times, Colossus 4 times and Captan Peace 7 times and not 1 single Techno Taoist. Does the game really reduce the odds that badly of the last one u need as to suck u in to spend more money? I have no problem spending cash on a game i enjoy to support it, but when it turns from enjoyment to frustration why would i want to spend more? I have no problem getting duplicates, its part of the randomness/luck, but there should be a cap on how many u can get before u finally get the last one or it becomes a money sink that just makes u look greedy and turns players off wanting to spend their money here.

Marko Tanasic
05-13-2014, 10:49 AM
I cant even get my forth muntant in japanese collection. For a 3 token spin to lose for 4 mounths, its depressive.