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Bradford Dawson
11-06-2013, 03:38 PM
I posted this fan-made design on another MGG forum, but now that the forum is shutting down, I decided to post it here.

http://i.imgur.com/4VW5L1rl.jpg (http://imgur.com/4VW5L1r)
http://i.imgur.com/U58tJa5.jpg (http://imgur.com/U58tJa5)

Thank you "cache."

Name: Coo Coo Klock
Genes: Zoomorph - Cyber
Health: 823
Speed: 8.12
Attack: Very Low
Life: Weak
Speed: Very Fast

*Klock Strikes One:
--Damage: 172
--Upgrade: 255
*High Noon:
--Damage: 172
--Upgrade: 255

Mutopedia Entry:
An ancient relic of modern history revived in the form of a strange being inhabiting a giant clock. It's dopey appearance is relatively deceiving to other mutants. But when the moment comes, so shall the opponents untimely defeat at the hands of this nostalgic marvel.

Basically the idea came from a Cuckoo Clock, but there's a little bit of Nintendo influence in the design. Again, I tried to go for whimsical while not going to far. And yes, it's supposed to look dopey. As for stats, it's kind of a stronger but not as fast Captain Wrenchfury.

During it's alternate forms, it takes alterations in its appearance. It stays similar in form while a Bronze mutant, except it has a chicken crest on its head. In Silver form, it had a more sleek exterior, the roof has horns, the clock is more intricate, and the chicken crest becomes a kappa-cut hair-do, but only cause it's classic for vultures to have kappa-cuts. (If you do not know what I mean by kappa-cut, look up kappa.) In gold form, it keeps the kappa-cut and wears goggles. In addition, its clock is replaced with a digital clock.

Now about its abilities. In the move "Klock Strikes One," it flies near the enemy and pecks at it a few times. In the upgraded version, it stands far away from its opponent, tucks its head inside the clock for a second, then stretches its huge neck outward as hard and fast as it can into the opponent.

In the move "High Noon," once again it flies near the opponent, tucks its head into the clock, and then the clock opens up and out shoots a mechanical fist into the opponent. In the upgraded version, instead of a fist, a crane claw comes out. The claw grabs the opponent and then Coo Coo Klock flies high into the air before dropping its opponent. The opponent then hurtles to the ground and receives damage on impact.

Last Notes:
Originally this thing was called Koo Koo Klock, except I was worried that an abbreviation of K.K.K. might come off as racist, so I changed it to Coo Coo. Also, I would like a little criticism on this design.

I already got that the Zoomorph/Cyber typing is a bit overused, already owned by Reptoid and Arachnos, while the reverse is owned by Beetle Bot and Monoceros. Maybe I should reinvent it into a Mythic/Cyber mutant. ...I wanna keep the "bird" motif though. Maybe Zoomorph/Mythic? ...Beh, why does it matter, though? It's just a fan concept.

Blaskievics Roland
12-04-2013, 09:21 AM
Are you kidding?This idea is embarrassing!We need good looking mutants not clock-chikens! I take this drawing as an insult to our mutants! I hope this tipe of mutant will never be aproved in the game! What's wrong with people? Some wants Slender-Man in the game,other wants K.F.C clock-grill chicken....God....I am sorry but,maybe some mutants are looking kinda strange ( master splitter,mekali) but there are limits...sorry but I think your mutant is impossible to be added in the game....

Bradford Dawson
12-04-2013, 05:02 PM
No offense dude, but that was very rude and insulting. How would you like it if you made your own character for this game, and I came up and insulted it.

Geeze, people don't know how to give actual criticism around here, do they?

Also, I'm sorry not everyone is into dull, overly serious characters that are devoid of any real personality in their actions or appearance. Some people actually like characters with a little whimsey in their designs. Or is their too much of that already? (Besides Kaiju Kitty and, maybe, Ghostmonaut and Captain Peace, plus the upcoming Satyr, most mutants are relatively serious.) Basing characters off of other famous characters like Yoda/Stitch, Master Splinter, and Chuck Norris is one thing, but ACTUALLY putting Slenderman in the game? Hell no! And good luck trying to make a Slenderman look-a-like that doesn't look too close to him. (Then again... IMO, Buck Maurice looks a bit too much like Chuck Norris.)

Blaskievics Roland
12-04-2013, 07:40 PM
Okay, my comment may be harsh and rude,but I am taking games wery seriousley,and caracter like this, clock-chiken or what is this seems an insult to the game to me,well then my criticism sense says that this is not a wery good mutant idea,well as I sad,there are strange mutants and this would step on the creepiness limits and the attacks are like another "creepy easter egg" in the game...sorry dude,maybe I was a little brutal with my upper comment but look, I will make this a critic: Graphic: Well,pretty weak
Idea: wery strange,too creepy
Conclusion: Not really a good mutant,better don't put in the game

This is a bit more acceptable critic,isn'it?'' "It's a pleasure to play a game,get strong in that game,get powerful in that game,BUT you get more satisfaction
when you help someone to become more powerful.Always help somebody if you can! It's a honor to do that! "

Bradford Dawson
12-04-2013, 07:49 PM
That is a little better.

I was trying to go for a whimsical design because, sorry but I really like whimsical characters. I really am not a big fan of overly serious stuff. I have other ideas, though. Recently I've been trying to flesh out an idea for a jouster type Mutant, but I want to avoid using the Zoomorph gene as it's not only the most common gene, but I also draw way too many animals. I'm wondering if I shouldn't make the rider a ghost or a zombie while the mount's a skeletal beast, as I want to go for Saber/Necro in the design. As for the attacks, yeah they're kind of weak in their ideas. The Crane Claw attack's kind of creative, but the others are kind of typical.

My drawing skills, I'll admit, are mediocre, but I do try to improve. With CooCoo Klock, I tried to capture the Mutants style the best I could with the idea. It's actually quite unlike what I normally draw: cutesy cartoon animals normally with thick arms and legs, a slight chubbyness and other things.

Edit: I got two ideas thought up I might draw soon.

Metal Knight: A ghostly set of armor atop an indiscernible skeletal beast, who wields a giant lance. The skeletal beast has an anatomy similar to a T-Rex, but the face looks more human, suggesting it was once a demon. He has around the same stats as Coo Coo Clock and is Saber/Necro type.

Carrion Caim: Reusing the vulture idea into something a little more mature. A huge Condor/Vulture who wears the skull of a giant beast around its body and uses a sharpened rib-bone from the same beast as a weapon. He is very slow, but very powerful. Not sure what type: Either Zoomorph and Necro or Mythic.

(...I have a hard time breaking free from habits.)