View Full Version : New content?

Jakub Topolski
05-13-2014, 06:18 PM
When do we get new content that is free? Obtainable through efforts in game, not by spending gold. When will u stop taking away from free players and give us something new to toy with? Not a single new non cash shop mutant for how long? Even on slots u have to pay to play them and the chance to get a mutant from there is super low.

What happened to this game. I remember when every new pvp season, we could get a new mutant. Even through normal breeding we were getting some. Now its nothing. Either pay real money or quit <- thats Kobojo's new motto.

And when did this started? When Kobojo introduced pay to win pvp boosts. Back then i was writing here, that its just the beginning. That if we let them, they will screw up more.

Well... here we are. Everyone knows, what is wrong now.

ps. After a while i've deleted most of my friends from MGG. Ones that are left are from Philippines, brazil and such. MGG facebook groups are also dominated by young players from Philippines, Brazil and such. Serious, english speaking adult players are almost non existant in the game anymore. Guess why.

pps. Not to mention, that after six months time of the forums existence, still noone from Kobojo is here to listen to us. ONE guy sweeps it once monthly and thats that. Is it so hard to hire someone, who will take his job seriously?

James Best
05-14-2014, 09:07 PM
I guess the creator cannot be happy when their game makes a little bit of money? Instead they have to make the game suck in order to try and maximize profits. Every single FB game I have seen that has done this, has ultimately failed. This game still has such promise, that's if they had proper guidance, and were just happy with smaller profits.