View Full Version : Leveling Mutants

James Best
05-14-2014, 08:51 PM
Honestly I keep hearing about the creators of this game removing the Campaign mode reward of 1 billion credits. If this truly is the case, then the creators of this game need to move the Evolution Center. Credits in this game are hard enough as it is to generate for new players. And most WILL NOT spend tons of money. So why not just let mutants level up on their own? Let normals level from 1-15, bronze 1-20, silver 1-75, and gold 1-100. Or something to that nature. If you Dev's keep it the way it's going now, your player base, will continue to drop and no new players will want to play. Right now, Gold is easier to come by than credits and that seems dumb. Pvp is so broken right now because people cannot level their mutants. Because most don't have the REAL money to spend in order to level their mutants. This game still has a lot of potential, it just needs proper guidance.