View Full Version : Taking a Break

James Best
05-16-2014, 11:26 PM
I think I am taking a break from this game until things are fixed. There is no point in playing a game where you cannot level your mutants past a certain level because you cannot generate enough credits. I do my dailies everyday, and for the past week, every single match I have gone against people with gold star mutants. Whereas all of mine are still silver and I cannot upgrade my evo center past 19. 6 million credits are proving to be hard to accomplish. So until this is resolved or the game just implodes, I think I will just back off the game. There are other games that are entertaining to play. I like MGG, it's fun, but when you cannot level your mutants, or you cannot get stars oi credits to level your mutants, it gets boring. Honestly, if mutants could just level on their own without an evo center, it would make so much more sense.