View Full Version : The 50% of evo center

James Best
05-17-2014, 09:32 PM
The 50% off is a start, but it still is too expensive on low levels. 3 million is still too expensive on lower levels. Why even have an evo center? Seriously, just let mutants level on their own! This crap is just getting old.

Jakub Topolski
05-17-2014, 10:16 PM
You are wrong James, that 3 milions for an upgrade is too much. Getting 1 milion credits per day is quite easy to achieve. Simply get more mythic and space mutants to generate more credits. Sure, this takes credits to do this in the 1st place, but its an investition that pays off.

What is terribly wrong, is making the 50% price drop last ONLY 36 hours. This is a direct insult to all THINKING players. There is no way, that i can get lacking 4 milion credits in the time left. And im not the only person, that is able to upgrade only once during such a massive reduction.
Lets not forget why this reduction takes place. Its because we've lost the tool, allowing us to make around 6 upgrades at once, to around lvl 30(if not more).

Now to upgrade to lvl 23, i need almost 20 milions credits, To upgrade to 24 i will probably need over 30 milion. Next upgrade after that-> over 45 milion(all prices are without reductions).

This is plainly ridiculous with current methods of obtaining credits.

To make a good start, Kobojo should lower the upgrade prices down permanently by AT LEAST 25% till evo lvl 20, by AT LEAST 40% till evo lvl 25 and by AT LEAST 60% till evo lvl 31.

To top that off, there should be increase in speed of credit generation(at least 25%) and in habitats income capacity(at least 50%).

This would make a good start in terms of changes. Not some stupid 36 hours price drop, that is by the way much more beneficial for paying players.

Ps. Concept of evo center is not bad. Execution made by Kobojo is just wrong tho. Evo center should not raise the lvl treshold by 1 with every upgrade, but by 3-5.