View Full Version : Get rid of the Evo Center

James Best
05-26-2014, 02:39 AM
If you guys at Kobojo are going to do nothing but release new mutants using your shop instead of breeding. Then for the love of god, remove the Evo Center. It takes FOREVER for new players to level mutants. Took me a solid month to level from 19 to 20. Saving coins isn't fun, the campaign, pvp, and tournament is what is suppose to be fun. Not spending all of our time grinding endless amounts of silver coins to level a single level. Then you have those select few that were lucky enough to get the 1 billion credits. Honestly, the mutants should be able to level on their own. This would make more sense and would make things a bit more fair. Make the game more about the breeding, star level, and resistances. And less about the Slot machine, Reactor, Shop, and Gold packs.

Giannis Mwros
05-27-2014, 09:24 AM
i couldnt i agree more on what you are saying , evo is just slowing the process , pfff kobojo had made several mistakes on the game :/ , and is making the game buy to win :( , i comented on their recent photo of slots mutant this ""wtf again one mutant on you lazy and cursed slots , give one mutant for free and dont just give exclusive mutants only to your gold buyers they are not only those players in the game , you changed the rewards and we kept playing , you deleted passes from gifts and we kept playing , you broyght as many muttants only with gold or slots and we kept playing , and now again new muttant on slots like 1/500000 to get , and that chance is lowered cause thing about geting up the chance of geting muttants on slots and dont just give lazy gifts that are hmmmm nothing at all to help us.!! i am here from pvp season 2 and kobojo you didnt do too much good for the free players , i drag many friends to play and you ruined the game for them , what u expect to pay you to upgrade evo above 20+ each level to pay you .??? , or with passes to pay you 200k for 20 pases are we serius damn developers .??? ok i reched a level that i couldnt do anything cause i finished you omega devision put more campaign fights and make them more agresive cause your omega dev was nothing , last change the damn rewards back to credits-.- , you are ruining one good game , and give something free just free not only 3 of your players to get it or on slots cause we dont have all money to play on slots to get on muttant or have the money to buy your exclusive muttants on the shop.!!!! last but not least you made wrong changes for once listen to your players when they give you advises....."""

James Best
05-27-2014, 03:50 PM
Everything pretty much involves credits. Honestly removing the Evo Center and allowing mutants to level on their own would be a better solution. This way it wouldn't be such a hassle for new players. Then just reimburse your veteran players that were lucky enough to get the one billion credits or leveling their evo centers to high levels with gold or some exclusive legendary mutant with no weaknesses or something. Credits should be a way to get minor stuff and gold the more major. Kobojo is a bit backwards with this IMO. But seriously, if they want this game to continue and bring in new players, removing the Evo Center, adding additional content, and giving incentive to veteran players, would be the greatest thing they could do. As it stands now, they are killing their own game for the sake of nickel and diming it to death. Be happy with the revenue it was making, instead of milking every dime out of it.

Matthew Montilla
05-29-2014, 05:08 AM
i would say that it is not good nor bad
its kinda like a 50/50 for me

john mentex
06-15-2015, 03:43 PM
No! Evo center must continue. I took 15 months to get reach on 50 evo level, and you want to take that away from me? No way get hard working and get a good level. You must deserv it.