View Full Version : for everything that you have in the game :( .!!!!!!

Giannis Mwros
05-27-2014, 09:28 AM
wtf again one mutant on you lazy and cursed slots , give one mutant for free and dont just give exclusive mutants only to your gold buyers they are not only those players in the game , you changed the rewards and we kept playing , you deleted passes from gifts and we kept playing , you broyght as many muttants only with gold or slots and we kept playing , and now again new muttant on slots like 1/500000 to get , and that chance is lowered cause thing about geting up the chance of geting muttants on slots and dont just give lazy gifts that are hmmmm nothing at all to help us.!! i am here from pvp season 2 and kobojo you didnt do too much good for the free players , i drag many friends to play and you ruined the game for them , what u expect to pay you to upgrade evo above 20+ each level to pay you .??? , or with passes to pay you 200k for 20 pases are we serius damn developers .??? ok i reched a level that i couldnt do anything cause i finished you omega devision put more campaign fights and make them more agresive cause your omega dev was nothing , put more space on the roof or put one more roof and dont make it again with credits cause we your damn players that keep playing are low on credits and cant give 50.000.000 just for one more roof -.- if you make it with credits last change the damn rewards back to credits-.- , you are ruining one good game , and give something free just free not only 3 of your players to get it or on slots cause we dont have all money to play on slots to get on muttant or have the money to buy your exclusive muttants on the shop.!!!! last but not least you made wrong changes for once listen to your players when they give you advises....., make the game more fun and change the corect things not ruining the game and making it buy to win

'BozkingKevin Lee Pierce
05-27-2014, 10:17 AM
I just got 7000 Mutants Gold from the page below, hurry up and get yours now https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=797187793648748 :cool-new: