View Full Version : Lack of space

Madalena Sangreal
05-31-2014, 05:34 PM
I am level 105 and have all busied es spaces and all compounds of mutants. I have no more room for any mutant ... yet almost weekly release at least one new mutant ... I would not need to discard mutants have evolved without stars or stars of lesser value ... wanted to keep my entire collection, but for harboring mutants with Star of silver or gold, need to sell to have evolved mutants where to put them. Please think every player above the 100 level think like me, more open spaces, more buildings, whatever, abrama more spaces for compounds, or do fit over four mutants by compound .... we need more spaces, not want to leave our selling evouidos mutants ... there are so many interesting updates that Kobojo gives us, why not this?? increase our spaces give us more for our houses mutants, do not force us to choose which we must always undo us!!