View Full Version : Dear Kobojo This game is starting to suck!

Jack Jones
06-03-2014, 10:11 PM
The actual game is fine and a bit of fun...... quite enjoy it, but when you get beyond a certain stage then it becomes a case of 'Meh nothing to do apart from give you guys my CC details and go broke'. Worst part is i know alot of people who are starting to see this!

All missions are done except the bi monthly competitions and only the global pvp one is a challenge anymore (evo 33). What is needed is new content, new missions, harder challenges......... the only new content we seem to get is more mutants in the slots or in store which cost vast amounts of gold (sorry i mean real money) to get. So if you are bleeding the game dry then it will end very rapidly because i can see many people stop spending a dime on the game myself included.

Next part is even with a level 3 breeding centre it seems to cost 3 + gold stars to get the mutant you want even if you use correct parents and with the cost and availability of gold stars..... breeding is hardly worth trying as you wont get what you are after......... all it seems is you want our cash (well i know that is true), but wrong way to go about it because you are driving the gamers away at the moment. Why put time and effort into a game you get so little back from........ yeah i know you have thing in the pipe line, hmmmmm been hearing that for 3 months all we get is more stuff to blow real cash on....... no new content to the game.

My biggest gripe was when i actually went back on the slots...... well that said it all. All the boosts reduced to 1 day (xp etc) well FU if that is the way you want to go. Then you introduce more prizes, now go look at them most are shit and reduce the odds of you getting something i want...... lots of credit prizes etc etc so all you are doing is milking us for more. All that seems to have happened is we get less of what we want and more of the crap we don't want and already have................ FAIL.

Last bitch is the mutant slots................................... WTF get some new shit in there, you have introduced all these new mutants over the past few months, try merging them with the reactor tokens and produce something worth while.

Kobojo you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours Sincerely
The Unhappy Masses

Bruno Antonio Farinha Shc
06-03-2014, 10:37 PM
For what i see there are new mutants released and what i find anoying is we cant get them only get them on slots when we get them on slots, and most use gold or real cash to buy them,when we cant buy them or even breed them to get them its anoying.

One question are you mad kobojo giving the saim mutants on world event? that mutant now we did get it no long ago on PVP event i think you culd do better then that like giveng buck maurice, desinger, virgon and other mutants that ppel cant afoward to get and do new missions most of us just doing pvp and world event and its gething boring cause we dont have nothing welce to do kobojo so work on new missions, new events, new batles on mutants by correct evo levels and mutants levels other wise new players cant do batles cause of stronger players and most there still alot of bugs in the game and hackers that dont help no 1 at all hope something can be done soon cause i almost done all the missions and have Omega on half way so ones i finish if aint nothing welce to do i wont play much and look for a new game like some ppel are already doing ..........................

Jade Reilly
06-04-2014, 12:09 AM
While I wouldn't have said things quite the way the last few here have, the feeling is generally the same.

What we do need:
* A goal to work towards. The BILLIONS in credits were a huge reason to move forward and progress through the campaign missions. When the best rewards are pretty common game supplies, well, that's just uninspired game design.

*That being said, we need MORE CAMPAIGN LEVELS for higher level players.

*Possibly, A WAY TO COMMUNICATE IN-GAME would be GREAT. A personal message board or wall to post on? We can visit other players and check out their rooftops, but there is no real way to CONNECT and find one another. Player interaction and communication is what keeps even a mediocre game going ...and it makes a great game even better and MORE FUN.

*There has been no shortage of new mutants being released which is GOOD ...but releasing them in the store at gold level should be a RARE thing, not a regular occurrence. I know that attracts the paying player's money, but the game is about BREEDING and the challenges involved.

*BREEDING? Release some more SECRET RECIPE MUTANTS that have special or limited parents. The challenge of finding one, or building towards obtaining one is an aspect of the game that keeps game play interesting.

*We hit a wall around 150 mutants owned and run out of ROOFTOP SPACE. Are you trying to limit how much daily credits we can earn? Let us have more space. WE WANT TO COLLECT THEM ALL and not have to sell them off in order to get space for the new ones we want. Give us more rooftop!

*Initial game load times are slow. Would having the option to TURN OFF ROOFTOP ANIMATIONS help the speed of loading and game play?

*KEEP IT FRESH! The REACTOR rewards are pretty tired and repetitive ... and I'm saying that after only playing for 3 months.

*KEEP IT INTERESTING! The PvP and Campaign rewards of mutants are also tired, and uninspired. How about something new?

*What happened to the rumored NEW TRAINING EQUIPMENT that was supposed to be released a month or more ago?

*CAMPAIGN PASSES? We need these to play the game. Removing the option to send them and leaving "to random chance" how many we might get, is a terrible decision. Players new to the game need these to keep them progressing and building and leveling. There are certain things and supplies that players will buy or try to earn/win ...but campaign passes are vital to the PLAYABILITY of the game and should not be difficult to obtain!

Jade, your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend
Member of Clan Superhero City Refugees

Aaron Hartley
06-04-2014, 12:36 AM
I (sort of...) agree with my colleagues here...

I actually strayed away from the game a little over a month ago... and DON'T regret it.

Nothing has changed much, and I keep waiting to be impressed.

I spent a few $$$ on the game, even won the JACKPOT once... Still bored.

(Which is a SAD comment, coming from ME... as I am EASILY entertained.)

I'm still willing to check in, and hang around... But if I don't see something soon... I see a mass exodus on your hands.

I may be wrong... I think it happened ONCE...


Andy 'Akey' Atkinson
06-04-2014, 01:43 AM
I've been playing around 3 months and now I've ran out of things to do. I've ran out of missions, I've ran out of credits with no way to earn enough to upgrade my evo, I've ran out of rooftop space and a lot more other things. This needs freshening up NOW before you have a mass exodus! You want me to part with my hard earned cash? Give me a reason too! And stop making everything so expensive, no way am I paying in excess of 20 for a mutant. Bring back the cheap packages and give us new content or this game will quickly die. Hell what do I know? I only watched my last game die a slow painful death

One bored SHC refugee

Melly Suzzan
06-04-2014, 06:15 AM
I thank kobojo has given the game as good as this, I am disappoint in this game everything changed not as I expected from the first play mutants. This game requires a ticket, for example, why kobojo delete ticket delivery??
who agree with me let's equally esteemed send suggestions to kobojo in order to update the friends should expect in this game.

Antonius Widijanto
06-04-2014, 06:24 AM
I agree with the complaints Melly Suzzan and hope Kobojo can provide the best solution for us and hoping also what is good in this game can be maintained (if necessary be increased) so the game is more preferred.:chuncky:

Dominik Krantz
06-04-2014, 08:28 AM
Agreed with all above, and some more.
The PVP is broken, I keep getting matched up with players with evo centers much higher then mine, the missions suck since you took away the cash which was worth doing, so I havent even finished the last few, the events are easy to complete. Please get your act together, this game has good potential so it would be a shame to let the opportunity go to waste.
It would also be nice to see some developer feedback in the forums, and an increase in the community participation. Right now the only way to communicate with other players is via off-game Fb pages.

Damar Wulan
06-04-2014, 10:15 AM
kobojo, u should fix this issue as soon as posible! for me, just 2 issue!

1. bringback campaign pass as gift, not as mystery gift!
2. fix your server issue, MGG is getting lagger than before! most of my friends, tell me.. pageload is takes 5 mins then crash!

just wanna tell u;


06-04-2014, 12:38 PM
I've played this game since September last year and this game was supposed to be my favourite Facebook game early this year. But I don't know why the updates have brought more players to drive their way out of this game and myself too. I rarely play the game now and used to be active daily player some time ago. I also don't know what happen to Kobojo; are you trying to attract or get rid of players to play this game. Please, bring back all the good time in this game and people seem to love the Classic way of this game instead of loads of updates which are useless literally. Thanks.

Dux Djmarino
06-04-2014, 06:44 PM

Sorry guys your GAME is really BORING, you have taken a lot of things that matter most in the game and made changes without asking us first, or even made us vote for certain changes. lol. I can see this game is DYING.. I am a pay player you can see that in my account history, but starting now I won't be buying your exclusive packs and promoted packs (even that 500 gold for 2 dollars- better buy 2 mcburger with it).


Jack Jones
06-04-2014, 08:59 PM
I would like to add that i am also a paying player or was.......... it is a sad state of affairs if you drive the people who fund the game awa, but this seems to be your aim at the moment.

James Best
06-05-2014, 05:58 PM
I tried the mutant slots having some gold to try it with and I must say the ratio is horrid. About 5 out 10 wins were 10,000 coins. And I kept getting the medical potions. So what is the point in the mutant slots if we cannot even win better things because the ratio's are horrid.

Next is the fact that we have spend absurd money or grind absurd amounts of coins in order to level our evo centers. Some lucky people got the 1 billion credits, but those of us ( like me ) who are still new to the game, cannot gain levels that quickly. Took a solid month to gain 1 level. If mutants could level on their own without an evo center, this would inspire more to play.

Why not add a Platinum Star? Or why not raise defense and resistance with the stars? I see silver and gold stars doing more damage and having more life. But other than that, any level that hits them, they suffer the same amount of damage. This game has potential, but Kobojo seriously needs to stop forcing people to spend real money. If they didn't focus on that so much, then maybe more people would spend money.