View Full Version : Suggestion for Kobojo considering selling of mutants

06-09-2014, 09:08 AM
Since you cut our ways to earn credits, I think you must find a way to balance the incoms, because collecting credits off the fields is not enough nad it is going too slow, so here is suggestion. I have found that price for selling ordinary mutants is the same as for selling mutants with bronze star, and there is no sense in it. So here what you can do:
1. Since the price for 10000 credits is 5 gold, and the price of bronze star is 50 gold you should consider elevating the price of bronze mutant we are selling by 50000 credits
2. For silver mutants price should be 5 times bigger since silver star in the shop is 250 gold - 5 times the price of bronze star
3. For gold mutants price should be 10 times bigger since gold star in the shop is 500 gold - 10 times the price of bronze star

Kobojo if you even consider balancing the loss of credits in the campaign please take this suggestion into consideration. Thank you!