View Full Version : Mutants Scam Page - ATTENTION KOBOJO LEGAL

Jason Miltenberger
06-09-2014, 03:29 PM
This page is a SCAM page, just like all the "7000 Gold" scam pages/links.

Kobojo, you really need to take action against this page before it gets too far out of hand and wrecks the player base.

(link address disabled by me so that people don't click on it accidentally--if you go to it, you go to it through your own choice!)

h ttps: //www.facebook.com/pages/Mutants-Genetic-Gladiat%C3%B2rs/239907296211585

It is posting pictures directly ripped from Kobojo's Mutants page in an attempt to get you to click their link, or download their software, or whatever else they can get you to do so that you will compromise your FB account and possibly your computer.

It is VERY crafty in its deception, because at first glance you don't see much of a difference in the page name.

But if you look, there is an "accent" over the "o" in Gladiators.

Don't fall for this.

Be a smart player and don't fall for the "cheating" links.

There is no way to cheat at these games, people.