View Full Version : Some thoughts on how to leverage the IP and extend the games' playerbase/longevity.

John MacDonald
07-04-2014, 04:46 PM
I'm sure it's not me, but one of the things that I was most interested in was the tantalizing hints of a ridiculous and over-the-top dystopia that the future becomes in this game. The game designers also seem to be considering options for developing individual mutants and giving them advantages they didn't have. Because of this, I thought I'd make a suggestion:

Branching out in to another game.

I know it sounds strange, but consider the Marvel game that has linked Facebook to a series of their games with their 'Avengers Alliance' idea. Try to imagine a similar game that links to your Facebook/Mutants account and imagine how you might make this world come alive:

1) You could have the player wake up in a room where the physical appearance changes dependent on the presence of certain flags - Such as the various wealth achievements. If you've never played before, your room is a dark and broken place. If you've hit the billion credit achievement, your place looks more like a palace.
2) You could allow these games(Which could be similar to a cross between Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics) to have each player choose either a beginning mutant, or a mutant that has the flag that exists that shows the player owns every single permutation of a particular mutant.(You'll note that the numbers change color dependent upon if you have all mutants or not). This would encourage people paying not just for the games, but also for mutants that they could 'port' to another game. Call it 'Mutant Mastery', so that rather than a Zombie/Werewolf/Robot, the player could choose to bring their favourite George Washington mutant or Superhero.
3) In-app events such as finishing a tournament could be brought in to game - With a 'Beginners' placement showing the person training hard a' la Rocky, determined to be a champion someday, and a top 100 place showing a stare-off with Baron Urban. This would encourage people to try their best in these events rather than simply trying to 'Get the mutant'.

These sorts of little bonuses would encourage constant participation in the game, increase the playerbase and could be sold as mobile games. If you based the gameplay on something hexagonal like Final Fantasy Tactics, or something simple like Pokemon, you could make a fun, crazy, interactive world that people could change. You could even have finishing games provide new mutants.

Since you could sell these games, you could make a profit as well.

James Wash
07-04-2014, 05:41 PM
Those are some good ideas John. Don't waste them here.

If you've looked at the games offered on Facebook, you can't help but notice how repetitive the concepts and ideas. Everybody's trying to repeat the Candy Crush motherload ($1.4 Billion in its best year with only 4% of its players paying ).

The talent pool most have is, shall we say, thin in creativity but they can draw pretty good. These modest artist-types have limited talent in understanding human nature and what people seek when playing a game. Instead, they have preconceived notions of how people should act and they keep following that template no matter how many times it's proven defective.

What you should do is make your own Facebook game. You can get all the programmers and artists for free with smart offers because they'll end up very well off if the game is very successful. Just make sure that the game has, at its roots, what people want. For example: people in RPGs like leveling up and getting better weapons/spells etc. Ultimately, it's futile since all the monsters get tougher at the same time and you're right back where you started. But who cares? Gamers want it, so give it to them.

So, in conclusion: fresh ideas. give gamers what they want. employees with a stake. pretty pictures.