View Full Version : Some coop mode pls!

David Deal
07-19-2014, 12:36 AM
I'd love some reason to actually play with other people, it'd be nice to have a reason to have active forums.

I know some don't like clans or alliances but right now we just post "pls add me" on the Facebook page and that's it. It'd be nice to really want to have friends that I have a reason to play with and want to chat and talk crap to other people. It's kinda a 'shiny new thing' game but no reason for the community to interact. If you could tie the forums into the game interface (especially on mobile) that would do a lot.

I still think it'd be nice to have clan rankings even if there is no awards for it. Bragging rights is all you need to make the game more lively.

I suggest for coop that you can choose your tag team and they get xp and coin for wins. This way you can either help a friend level a mutant or have a powerful mutant that you can ensure a win and therefore get lots of cash for. This would encourage more talking among allies. You could make the time for tags go up the more allies you have as well as less xp per tag battle. This would encourage keeping tight teams vs everyone who plays this game.

Just some ideas please build on it or suggest how to make this game more varied and social