View Full Version : Please Change a few things Kobojo!

Caleb Adelstein
07-23-2014, 10:30 AM
This game is really fun but I am struggling with a few aspects. If changed this game would be so much better.

1st: make a system to exchange stars (ex. 20 bronze stars to get 1 silver star, 10 silver stars to get 1 gold)
2nd: Why do I keep getting paired with people who are tons of levels higher than me in pvp? I'm lvl 60 fighting lvl 130's...
3rd: please change the Reactor a bit, reduce odds of duplicates and possibly add a re-spin option or an option to turn down a mutant you get and have a portion of your reactor coins returned. Or something to that effect. To put this into perspective, I have 8 nordic nightmares, 3 robots, 1 dracus nobilis and 2 terror dolls from the Japan reactor, that means I've spent 30 reactor coins more than I needed to get my last Bushi (which I still don't have) and thus the last prize mutant. I don't mind a few duplicates but it's getting frustrating.
4th:Increase the odds to get mutants in the slots (but again, once you've won one type reduce the odds to get another ex. i have 3 mantadroids from the slots and nothing else)
5th: 10,000 credits in the slots are the VAST majority of the winnings at the slots... 10k and 20k shouldn't even be in there. I'd rather have mutosterone than 10k credits. At my lvl I need 29 million credits to upgrade and 10k is such a joke since that amount doesn't even cover skipping 1 battle in pvp.
Finally: I know you guys wanna make money, like lots of money off people. But $20 mutants? Kinda insane...I know you won't change this, as long as there are people buying, you'll keep selling. But I hope you consider the other 5 points I brought up!