View Full Version : New mutant idea :) 100% my drawing

Prabu Farel Siliwangi
07-23-2014, 05:19 PM
Zoomorph Attack:Triple Dino Attack
Cyber Attack:Hakai Shirei "Dino"
Mutopedia entry: Darwin and teams was found 3 dinos fossil near Gobi desert,China.Then Darwin start mixing DNA from the fossils with cyber gene.And the result make Darwin and teams was surprised,And he named it Sauron the cybernetic Triceratops,Ankylosaurus,and Stegosaurus hybrid.With many deadly weapons in his body,Sauron is very dangerous mutant
If you agree to make it,Please sell it with credit so,many player can enjoy this mutant :) 1013

John MacDonald
07-23-2014, 08:14 PM
Hahah! Love it. You're very talented.

07-23-2014, 08:23 PM
I want to make one too :(

Name: Kedai Knight
Gene: Saber- Galactic
Attack: High
Life: Average
Speed: Fast (5.56)
Saber Attack: Laser Lance
Galactic Attack: Forceful Push

Since Kobojo needs to complete the Star Wars theme and all