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John MacDonald
07-30-2014, 10:33 AM
So I was looking through the info files on the game and thought I'd do a quick recap of things we know. I really like the IP for this game and I think it's interesting.


1) Gene manipulation - These Genes seem not to be DNA/Deoxyribonucleic Acid, but rather closer to the Latin prefix Gen- "That which produces). Warrior "Genes" are not DNA. They are the very core of what produces a warrior. As these Mutants are formed fully grown, with knowledge of weapons and everything else needed, it's clear the 'Gene' also includes the implantation of memories and skills needed to be a great warrior. Other 'Genes' are Beast(Recombinant Gene using animal abilities), Mythic(Energy manipulation, often termed 'Magic'), Necro(The resurrection and animation of dead tissue, including memories), Cyber(Obviously not DNA. It is robotic parts and implantation) and Galactic(Alien/Non-Terran biological abilities).

2) Drug Use - Obviously a common thing, Nu New Delhi is even sponsored by a cola product that clearly produces a high in its users. Recreational drugs appear to be endemic to the area.


1) Mean Gene's - Mean Gene's is the modern Colloseum, entertaining the masses after what is clearly a series of catastrophes has left the world with a group of haves and have-nots. Mean Gene's represents an escape, blood and guts and danger. It crosses the WWE and ancient gladiator games.
2) Eva Destruction - Former world champion Psy-Captain, Eva Destruction lost her powers in a colossal battle with Baron Urban. It is suspected that Urban may have stolen her abilities.
3) Baron Urban - The Bad Guy. Thought to have spliced Mythic abilities in to himself and to have stolen Eva's abilties. Interestingly, he also summoned a horde of Devils, including Oriax, because he was terrified of Zodiac mutants. They were designed to go toe-to-toe with the Zodiacs.


1) Detroit Rock City - Obviously a famous city, it appears that Detroit has found a new resurgence with Mean Gene's. It's the place where people go to make their name.

2) Mexicopolis - Formerly Mexico City. Or potentially all of Mexico, this megalopolis is massive and apparently big fans of the Beast gene. Probably stems to their history of bull fights and cockfighting.

3) Chernobyl - The first Mutants appeared here. Well known as the worst nuclear catastrophe in modern history, it's unclear whether the radiation background caused the mutants or the lack of people allowed experiments to be conducted unseen by the rest of the world.

4) Nu New Delhi - Food capital of the world, this is the party-town. Liquid Nirvana is based here, with their "Euphorical Beverage".

5) Shorline Shanghai - Shanghai is clearly a major player in the world still, being host to the Olympics - That were promptly cancelled as Mean Gene's had become far more popular.

6) Neo-Tokyo - Rabid "Sports Fans" Neo-Tokyo residents trampled each other to get tickets to Mean Gene's when they first came up. It's clear that Neo-Tokyo is not quite as clean-cut as modern Tokyo.

7) "The Atlantic" - Perhaps Atlantis? Or the mighty sunken city of Atlanta? Difficult to know what this is, but it's clear that it's both in the Atlantic Ocean(So it can't be California) and a sunken city. It's mostly just a research laboratory and an arena, now.

8) Neo Paris - This is a bad place. There was a second revolution here where heads rolled and the 'Laser Guillotine' hit a lot of people. We know both that it invests heavily in the Bread and Circuses of Mean Gene's, but we also know that King Louis VI has made a return. Depending on how long he has been here, he may have had something to do with the second revolution.

9) Greater Cairo - The ruins of man's greatness lies here. It's also the place that the greatest fighters show up to prove themselves to the world. Clearly some catastrophe has befallen the place and that is why it's used as the centerpiece for the greatest Kaiju fights in history.

Other Notables

1) Zodiac mutants - For some reason, Urban really hates the Zodiacs. REALLY hates them. He summoned a legion of Devils when they started showing up and Oriax was one of them. This makes me think, since Baron Urban is the bad guy, that the Zodiac Mutants are good. Unfortunately, most of them are from long-dead societies that self-destructed through war or internal strife. The one notable exception is Taurider/Doctor Krankenhauser, a World War I throwback who wants to conquer the world with his Zodiac technology. That doesn't sound like one of the 'good guys' to me. Did these societies die because of their reliance on Zodiac technology? Why would Baron Urban do something so dramatic?

2) The Ancient Dead - George Washington and King Louis VI both have come back. Are they just pale shadows of their former self? What do they want?

Whaddya think? Did I miss anything important?

07-30-2014, 05:26 PM
Great guide, is this actually all correct? Cause a lot of this I did not know/notice.

John MacDonald
07-30-2014, 06:48 PM
Great guide, is this actually all correct? Cause a lot of this I did not know/notice.

It is all correct! Look up oriax for the Baron Urban response to Zodiacs, for instance.