View Full Version : New Idea For The Game!

Mr X
07-31-2014, 11:12 PM
Hey guys, ive been thinking of some ideas for this game even though its good enough already, if you would like to add to this thread feel free.

- More Buildings

Mutant Musium - stores all mutant profiles & pictures ( even if youve sold your mutant there profile is stored )
Bank - Incase you want to show off or store your credits & gold when your friends visit your rooftop
Graveyard - To see all your previous mutant youve owned in the past

Med Packs

Normal Med Pack - currently in game now
Super Med Pack - fills your mutants life to 100%
Heroic Med Pack - Increases your mutants health by 175% ( to help rookies )

Breeding Centre

Super Breeding Centre - you can breed mutants with your facebook friends ( mutants must be same level )
To get a bronze mutant both users must have a bronze star & same level
To get a silver mutant both users must have a silver star & same level
To get a gold mutant both users must have a gold star & same level

However, both users get a different mutant after breeding them together.

These are just a few ideas, pretty suckish but worth a try.