View Full Version : How To Make Good fast Credits?

Mr X
08-03-2014, 09:27 AM
Hey guys, i was just wondering if there is any good way of making credits, i only get about 20,000 - 30,000 per hour

All help will be great!

08-03-2014, 02:38 PM
Level up all your mutants in campaign.
Start with the Level 1s and you lowest (I just pick the very bottom most mutant per match).
Keep all available rooftop space filled (even duplicates). Only sell if you add a mutant you want to keep.
If rooftop is full, keep breeding and selling.

I even use my recently trained mutants and toss them in the breeder (they are full of Mutosterone; maximize them)

Also, if you have a Buck Maurice(s) or Zena(s); breed them and sell them. You get 200k for each.

08-03-2014, 10:17 PM
Very good advice, all kind of mutants wil get you the exact same amount of money .... so lvl them (all of them) as high as you can. The only things that matter for credits per hour is the sum of the lvl of the mumant !

08-04-2014, 04:32 AM
OK, just for fun, I decided to calculate how much money I make with mutants and with the power of MS Excel, I also calculated how much I can make; just to put things into perspective for everyone. I have been playing for about 1.5 months, and have just started training my lowers a week or two ago; so I am still working on leveling up everything.

First column: Levels of my mutants
Second column: How many mutants I possess that are of said level
Third column: Credit rate per hour for each mutant per hour with respect to their level (Level x 42)
Fourth column: Total credit rate per hour for the mutants in their respective levels (Rate x NumberOfMutants)
Fifth column: Total credit rate for a whole day (24 hours)

As you can see, level 22 mutants make 924 credits per hour; which is 22,176 per day (Sorry, I forgot to put in a column for credits per day per mutant). I have 92 mutants of varying levels, so at the moment, I make 45,738 credits per hour, which is 1,097,712 credits per day.

This does not include the 2 mutants I always have breeding. But for the purpose of these visuals, its does not matter.

Now, if I level up all of my mutants so they are level 10, I get an increase to 51,492 credits per hour; which is 1,235,808 credits per day.

Then, if I get all my mutants to maximum level at 22, I get 85,008 credits per hour; 2,040,192 credits per day. That is a huge increase.

Level up your lowest levels first, especially your level 1s, as they are easier. Going from level 21 to 22 will give you the same credit increase as going from level 1 to 2. Me, for example, like training in Omega Detroit Rock City stage 4, Delta New Delhi 9 or Delta Atlantic 8. Using a level 1 in these will make it jump to level 5 for the Delta and 6 for the Omega. That single fight/level up will net you 5,040 credits a day. Not much, but it all adds up. Triple XP helps as well.

Now, on top of that, you can breed Zenas or Buck Maurices (I only do it once a day due to trying to get secret recipes and such, but you can do it for money. Breeding one of these I think takes 3 hours total, and each one nets you 200,000. If you can do this 5 times, thats an extra 1,000,000 per day.

So yes, keep your roof full, train all your mutants, keep your breeder active and sell.

Now, just for fun, I will calculate the maximum amount I can earn (a full rooftop each at maximum level). 160 mutants x 924 = 147,840 credits per hour, comes out to 3,548,160. Now that is a lot of credits.

James Wash
08-04-2014, 11:07 PM
Nice number crunching, Iron Tooth.