View Full Version : Just Some Random Ideas!

Mr Unknown
08-04-2014, 07:47 PM
Heys PSY Players! Here are a few of my ideas ( kinder rubbish but just a thought )


Mutant Musium : Lets you store all your mutant information here, Even if you have sold previous mutants they still show here so other users who visit you can see what you have or had before.

Bank : Lets you store your gold & credits so you dont have to worry about spending all of your gold and credits, also storing them in here can allow other users to see your current amount.

Breeding Centre : Can be upgraded by using both gold and credits rather then just gold.


Super Jackpot Slots : Adds rarer & stronger mutants and better prizes ( 25 Gold Per Spin )

Medical Centre : Add a SUPER med pack x 1 - x 5, the first basic on gives your mutant a extra 5% life & the x5 gives your mutant 50% more life

I know there rubbish ideas but just a little thought thats all :)