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James Minor
09-12-2014, 10:35 PM
:( Everything in this game is ridiculous amounts of gold to get. It would be so much more fun if the costs were lower or at least realistic.

09-13-2014, 12:53 AM
Yes, it is expensive, but Kobojo needs to make money (though quite greedily), and that is the unfortunate and cold truth.

Either way, if you save up you gold, you should be able to afford some stuff.

Now, here are some calculations I quickly (not that quickly) brought up; to help you, and others earn some gold, endure the greedy fury of Kobojo, and give them some insight and incentive to earn and save up their gold. Hope this helps, and maybe shed some light into the darkness (Praise R'hlor! :P).

Gold Earned Daily:
Say you play for 3 months, you do the daily rewards everyday for 4 gold (you earn 5, but you need to use at least 1 for accelerating):
90 days*4 gold = 360 Gold

If you have android/iphone, you get another 5 gold per day:
90 days*5 gold = 450 Gold

Gold Earned Leveling
Now say in 3 months, you increase your fame level to 75, I have been playing for 3.5 months, but not everyone will get to 111 fame in that time.
(I don't know the exact gold you earn per fame, so this is a shot in the dark)
It should be roughly Fame level / 2 = Gold you earn
75/2 + 74/2 + 73/2 ........ = 1425 Gold

*I will have to confirm this/someone assist in confirming*
EDIT: It seems like I am correct with level/2; but only up to 50 gold. Therefore after level 100, every increase in fame is 50 gold

@111 fame: 3108 Gold

Gold Earned in Bingo
Completing the first two Bingo cards will earn you 1700 Gold plus more prizes
You can potentially earn another 800 Gold in the 3rd card in the last row; but you will need to get lucky with slots for Prince Scorpion. So I won't touch this.

Gold Earned in Slots
I cant remember exactly how many jackpot tokens you earn in campaign, but I think it is at least 25 per division
100 Jackpot tokens + 15 tokens * 6 PvE events + 20 from Bingo = 210 Jackpot tokens * 5 (average gold earned per spin) = 1050 Gold

- Plus the initial start up gold
- Achievements
- Free gold/jackpot tokens on Facebook Page/ads
- Magnetic Keys

Putting this all together, you should have about 5000 gold (maybe more) without spending a single penny

Yes, you wont be able to afford everything, but to put it in terms of mutants:
- You could get the Lightning/Tank Pack with 2000 left over
- Or you could get Normal Thor+Sentry+Wampara+Halbeard+Monocerus+Galactic Guardian when they were/are on sale with 1600 left to spare.
- Or you could upgrade both the Breeder and incubator to level 3 for I think 2250 gold total, leaving you with 2750 Gold
- 2 or 3 gold mutants straight up

Basically everything is super expensive, but there is some light shown for those who don't want to pay.

Grim Jack
09-13-2014, 12:58 AM
And depending on what you feel your time is worth, there's a site that does surveys and when you do enough of them you can cash points in for a FB gift card. I haven't done it by one of my MGG friends posted about it. If that's something you'd be interested in I'll see if I can find the post.

09-13-2014, 11:07 PM
Best way to earn Gold is to level up and complete Bingo tables.