View Full Version : Bad match making or being farmed?

09-13-2014, 02:02 AM
I found this odd, funny, entertaining, and a tiny tiresome.

There's this person; lost count how many times they have attacked me. They attacked my in separate barrages, probably a span of 5-10 minutes each barrage. I don't really mind it, as I don't lose that many points, but gain a decent amount in a revenge. That being said, I should be able to revenge more then once, and the annoying thing is they are depleting my defense tags. Plus I'm sick of seeing them :p



I do understand that being in top 200 there is less of a pool to choose from, but dang. Either way, as long as I log on somewhat frequently and revenge before things get out of hand, I should be able to minimize the damage or gain more points. But again, the tags are an issue.q

EDIT: Oh, good morning...

The odd thing is, I never get matched with him; yet he always finds me...

Amir Dadgarian
09-14-2014, 05:22 AM
that is pretty crazy

09-14-2014, 02:12 PM
Ah, Hey, Co******n. Long time no see!

Wake up to this:

I revenged once, then found him in a match-make, then he attacks again (literally 20 minutes after I revenged), then of course, I can only revenge once