View Full Version : game problems

Radostin Rusev
09-19-2014, 03:29 PM
I dont understand why Kobojo don't listen to the players, pretty much everybody say that we need the zodiacs, that we need change in the tag system (for example if you make it so we can chose like 3 ot 5 of our mutants and game randomly pick one for tag every fight would still have the element of surprise and we would not get help from zombat or autorush, now i just have a tag list of like 80 of my highest level friends and 90% of the time i know exactly which mutants is gonna help me, so some of my friends i just dont use because i know they have weak tags and with rest i win like almost every time because i know which mutant is gonna help me) also why dont change reactor to remove possibility to get double mutants and auto switch to next pack of mutants when you finish the current one and you can put zodiacs there for reactor tokens? I barely did superheroes for 4 months of game (i play 24/7) and since i cant get more tokens from missions i guess i will finish star wars some time in the next decade and japan mutants will never be mine, so I think my point have a reason.