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Grim Jack
10-15-2014, 05:52 AM
I posted these after the Sep 30 "Talk Time" post and have no idea if they were seen, so I thought I'd re-post them here for feedback.

So many mutants have been released since Omega was made it seems natural to make a fifth level adding in the new guys.

-add- I just skimmed Omega and didn't see one Legendary or PvP/E mutant as an enemy. Let alone all the holiday, Zodiac, Reactor mutants. There could be a 5th campaign just using those.

New non-Legendary mutants as rewards for clearing a section would be great. Heck, there's lots of empty "coming soon" squares in R3 Bingo.

Campaigns where the player could only use max 'X' level mutants could be challenging. It would also encourage re-breeding mutants we already have but have leveled up.

Or, give us only one option of gene to choose from for each section or fight. This too would be a new challenge

Feedback please.

[K] Hugo
10-15-2014, 03:30 PM
Ok Psy Captain, i gotta say that I find your ideas great especially the last ones to offer more challenge/replayability.

I'll make sure to bring them to the table asap !

Thanks for your involvement Psy Captain !

Grim Jack
10-17-2014, 05:39 AM
Thank you for acknowledging my ideas.

Anyone else care to chime in....good bad or otherwise?

Non Pervenuto
10-17-2014, 12:56 PM
Yo, nice thread...
I apologize in andvance 4 bad english as usual (im italian)
Firt of all welcome to Hugo, is funny have here someone who really can listen to our issues and suggestion (dont worry i know u cannot do miracles LOL)
Well i say here my suggestions..., suggestions that a lot of player asked for, here, and on fb page (yes i read a loto here and there eheheh)

1) A Delete friend button when u ask tag friendship, to cancel those players who never play anymore and are at low level
im sure that they will be replaced with stronger friends, so noone lose player, we dont, kobojo neither.

2) Adjust number of tickets requested to play hightest events (5 thickets lower will be good)

3) eliminate 10 and 20 000 credit prize on slot machine, adjusting ODDS for bigger prize ( ive NEVER won a mutant, neither gold star) not to mention misterious JACKPOT about whom a lot of speculation we are doing ehehehe

4) ADD a super iper giga mega universal discount, one a week (or two weeks) just on weekend, that appear RANDOM at every player but last ONLY 30 minutes (so if are lucky u can take it.. otherwise.. not LOL) (im talking something about 80/90 % discount ehehe)

5) Create some kind of event in witch, psy(co) captains can form a team ( level cap here) of 3, or 6 creatures (1 creature for every captain if is a 3 team, or 2 creture if a six team) to BEAT ENORMOUS new bosses (or maybe, adversary team formed the same way.

6) draw your monster contest:
U give your directions (humanoid, mosntruous, spiderish, something themed inspired etc)
E we send our drawing, divided in rookie medium and pro artists, so everyone will be happy maybe.


Sometimes spaces are so crowded that is diffcul to take money, so that button will help A LOT.

WELL that's all 4 the moment...

tnx again if u read and consider my (and our) suggestion HUGO.

And welcome again.