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10-21-2014, 08:52 PM
-add a new type of building and call it training center or gym. in this building, we can place several mutants (limit increased per bulding upgrades/level). while they were there, they will not produce credits, instead they gradually gain experience by default, or can have one of their stats (health, attack, speed) increased, little by little, albeit there will be limit to how much stats they can get (which depend on the amount of stars)

-a new type of battle, survival match (I'm sure you guys already know what this means)

-add status effects on moves, such as dots, healing, lifedrain, shield, block, etc. right now the battle seems a bit boring....

-change the current halloween pve event reward from the grizzly bear to someone who's actually have a tie with halloween, please, I don't care if it's an old mutants, as long as it match the theme...

-increase the size of the rooftop please? it's getting too crowded as of now.....

-and while we're at it, add another upgrade to the mutants compound which increase the mutant limits

-For the love of God, please, remove Tag Team from PVP, on both offensive and defensive! it's just ridiculously unfair

-reward some exp and/or credit when losing a pvp fights, even just a little. cause zero is just too harsh

-make the opponents on the pve events have it's level scaled based on the player's actual mutants level, not justified on all players. to make even the new players had a chance to fight and/or get the reward

-slow down with the release of legendary mutants! right now, it seems we have more legendary than the common ones

-make some oldest legendary mutants available through super secret mutant combination. seriously, with all of the new release being a legendary or special edition, what's the point of combining mutants again anyway?

-make the upgrade cost for the breeding center and incubator available through credit, and not just gold

-please, remove "accelerate 1 time: task from the daily task

-and also, remove credit from the jackpot, please, it's just too annoying

well, I guess that's all from me folks!

see ya later for more suggestions, maybe

10-22-2014, 07:16 AM
wow, this is by far the emptiest game forum I'va came across with. literally a ghost town:sleeping:

Non Pervenuto
10-22-2014, 08:34 AM
What do u pretend...
is almost halloween LOL.

[K] Hugo
10-22-2014, 09:31 AM
Nice one Non Pervenuto.

Asbakrokok thanks for joining the forum, it's definitely not the most populated game forum ever but we have some highly involved players around. Thanks you for your great suggestions by the way,

We are building our plan for 2015, it's great time to suggest things. Gameplay improvements are expected, quite soon actually even though i'm not allowed to provide any ETA :tennis:

Non Pervenuto
10-22-2014, 12:07 PM
well the forum is not so populated but FB on the contrary is quite crowded :D

[K] Hugo
10-22-2014, 02:00 PM
Yeah but on the contrary to Facebook, the forum is more an in-depth discussion place than facebook, both are complementary :)

11-11-2014, 04:51 PM
Mutants: Genetic Gladiators

Hey I had a suggestion that you told me to follow a link with. The link led no where so here are my top ideas that make the game more enjoyable, allow someone to always find something to do even when campaign is complete and make you more profit.

(1). Pvp is PVP no tags. it needs also to be based on who you have beaten. Right now you always face people that are your relative lvl so there are guys on my friends list who I can beat 100/100 times yet they have 4 x the points I do because they tag in to kill higher lvl players. On the flip side I've fought guys that only have as many points as I do and have double my level of evolution chamber. It doesn't make sense that the higher your level the harder it is to win.

(2). For these new tokens I think it should be a never ending wave of of monsters and each new wave is a new level for each monster (so wave 1 is 3 lvl 1 monsters and wave 2 is three lvl 2 monsters). every 5 levels is 1 new token however every time you set a personal record I think you should get an extra token but you can only make 1 attempt per event.

(3). I think there should be a ladder PVP that is on going that has a weekly payout for which % you are in. for example every 10% is a new amount of credits. I think it make sense that each lvl would be 100% of the previous so bottom 10% get 10,000 then 20,000 / 40,000 / 80,000 / 160,000 / 320,000 / 640,000 / 1,280,000 / 2,560,000 / top 10% get 5,120,000 per week it seems like a lot but its over an entire week. this would keep people playing for sure and bring more cash to you.

(4). Stars. I think you should be able to merge stars. 10 bronze = 1 silver 10 silver = 1 gold. I also think its time for a new star levels say Platinum then black stars that grants 100% and 130% life and damage increase (following the magnetic key colors). This would allow players that reach caps of Evolution chamber like level 30 and 40 to have some something to aim for and to put them above someone not at lvl 30/40. Also I have heard that people want to be able to sell for gold however I understand that you need to make $ and this would be a good solution.

11-13-2014, 10:11 AM
I disagree about the no tag pvp part, getting friends in the game is rewarded through the use of their tag mutant and knowing your friends tags and how to best use them regarding the combat situation is a big part of the strategy involved during the later stages of pvp tournament .... of course it seems unfair to people who don't have or don't want to get a huge friend list but in the other way it would be very unfair to others who have patiently created a circle of friends through the game and invested in speed mutants to have a better edge in pvp using those !

Regardless, a new type of tournament would be great ! one without tags, although i fear in the end there will only be one true unbeatable team seen in every match .... the great thing about tag team is you can turn the tide of a battle with a good tag partner and beat players much higher than you if you give it enough thoughts !

What would also be great would be asynchronous PVP with friends and maybe in the form of a tournament too. I think this is really what the game lacks at the moment ....

The survival mode is also a great idea, maybe you could pick up a roster of 5 or 6 mutants and be able to rotate them at will, to protect them if low on health , may be they could regain a few health while being in second row, or between waves of enemies.

Star merging is also a very good idea

Finally regarding the 10000 credits in the jackpot slots ....huh... i don't even want to talk about that !

11-19-2014, 06:03 AM
Lots of nice idea in here. Here are mine :

a) i don't care PVP with ou without tag as long as you are going to add some new moves. As Asbakrokok said, and as i myself suggested a wile ago.

b) what i lake the most in combat is the choice to do things : actualy the only choice i have is : 2 hits and what enemy should i strike...that's not enough by far. I need :
- more type of move (DOTS, freeze, Mezmerise, Lifedrain, shielding, agro, clean DOTS, etc....),
- an automatic crit (that will depend on some sort of scale : damage receive/done ... or what ever would work)
- more target : 100% damage for 1 enemie, 50% heal on 1 friend, 25% heal on all friends, 25% damages on all enemies
- moves that doing damages not on 1 but on both gene (+20% on Cyber, +40% on Galactic, for example)

c) daily task should be random (not always the same tasks to do)

d) star merging is a great idea

e) reduce the amount of gold you can get from the slot (10000 seems enough)

f) reduce the probability of getting a double from mutant reactor (when you have already 1 : 50%, when you have 2 : 25%, when 3 : 12.5%.....and so on)

g) we need a way to personalise our mutants, maybe using star and/or credit (1 bronze = +2% life, 1 silver = +2% damages, 1 gold = 2% on speed ??)

h) speed and damage/life : 2 caracteristic that's too simple for a good game like this one, at the end all mutants are the same. At (the VERY LEAST) you need to break the damage/life and creat tanks (high life, low damages) and strikers (low life and high damages).