View Full Version : Event ideas

David Deal
10-22-2014, 05:35 PM
Ok let's face it the only new thing about the events are the prizes and the story is repetitive at every difficulty. I want to suggest some event ideas that should fit into my assessment of the current game mechanics.

PVE coop

Simple idea, enable a tournament version that is all boss fights that take cumulative damage to pass. It would work off of the pvp mechanic of gated levels that the pvp awards are assigned to. This would give some reason other than tag to have friends.

"Live" PVP event

This work off of the pvp leaderboard mechanic and pve event level mechanic. You get randomly assigned to teams based on some balancing of Evo and fame. In this instance stats are neutralized to Evo 30 regardless of your actual Evo level (meaning stars is all that matters, this would be a new mechanic). From here your teams enter the fight and accumulate points individually and collectively. Winners and top players from each team are awarded prizes and move forward each day until the event ends.

I'll start with those for now. Thoughts? More ideas?

10-23-2014, 12:26 AM
I kinda actually like the whole live and group events.

An event of 3 mutants, 1 from each player would be pretty cool too.

Or borrowing mutants; another meaning to tag (wrestling). You can borrow 1 mutant for a match would be pretty cool.