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Kenneth Pocaigue
10-28-2014, 07:09 PM
Ok... I did this in another post... but due to technicality, I'm not sure it would get a decent look over.. but anyways.. Here is my re post.

The Campaign: Ugh these things are a chore... but they are the ONLY viable way to level those mutants to max.. What sucks is when you finished the currently highest campaign rank... there is not much else to do besides PvP and those PvE events.. Or GRIND the living daylight out of a boss a player has already defeated... for no other reward aside from leveling a different mutant.. The thing is.. after a short while.. this becomes so tedious and repetitive that players are discouraged from advancing their mutants... and so leave the game till something interesting comes around.. The longer the game survives and brings revenue to you as a company, the stronger players will become... if they stick around to keep playing that is.. its called a power creep.. eventually, the highest campaigns will be useless to a player as their evo centers will surpass the levels in which the experience gains from the highest campaigns are relevant. Meaning... more grinding.. and more grinding.. for less reward.. and in order for the rewards to stay constant when the experience gain begins to curve would be through BUYING exp boosts.. The free player would not like this...and eventually the paying players.. will stop throwing money to continue this habit... This can be averted if temporarily with the reintroduction of already claimed rewards through the almighty RNG *replay value of a campaign boss for a shot at its reward but at a slight or mediocre chance of successfully claiming it*. Or it can be averted permanently with the introduction of higher tiers for campaigns with *keyword -->* DIFFERENT *<--keyword* challenges, team makeups, rewards, etc... Yeah we already faced the same lineups from normal to gold... we need new things to throw sticks at..

11-24-2014, 06:04 AM
so true.. we need real PVE campaign !