View Full Version : Mobile users question dealing with the Challenge Hall

Nicholas Hawkins
10-29-2014, 09:21 PM
I have noticed the new addition of the challenge tokens. I love the idea. Thanks. But what I have noticed is on the mobile game, the prizes that come along with paying challenge tokens are the same for a couple of them, but set at a different price. There is one exp jar (10x) that cost 15 tokens and takes 6hrs to process. There is also one directly under it for another 10x exp jar that costs 25 tokens and takes 12hrs. Why would I want to spend more tokens and wait twice as long to get the same prize? It is also the same for the 3x gold stars. One is set for 30 tokens with a wait time of 18hrs while the very next one under it is for 60 tokens at 1d 12 hrs. Again, WHY would I pay more and wait longer for the exact same prize?

I noticed on the actual facebook game, it is a mutant prize set at 15 tokens for 6hrs and 2 reactor tokens for 30 at 18hrs.

Why is it different for the mobile users vs the actual FB game play? I mainly play via mobile since it's easier for me to access.

Will those 2 duplicates be changed or do the mobile users get screwed over? lol

I do play on FB from time to time so I can get the items there, but it would be easier if they were both the same.

10-29-2014, 09:37 PM
I am under the impression that it is a minor glitch. hopefully it will be fixed.

Just find it funny that the 3x gold stars are at 30 and 60 tokens.

[K] Hugo
10-30-2014, 10:19 AM
Indeed bug confirmed by our game designer, will be fixed asap. FYI this is a visual issue only, you will get the correct reward.