View Full Version : Inconsistency in Attacks

John Flemming
11-06-2014, 09:33 PM
This isn't really a suggestion, or a complaint, but an observation.

When I first started playing the genes made sense

Necro - used undead/ghostly attacks.
Saber - used hand held weapons (blades/clubs, etc) - unless they are cybernetic/robotic in origin.
Cyber - used machines / robots, cybernetics, electricity, or modern weapons (explosives, missiles),
Zoomorph - used poisons, and natural attacks such as claws and fangs
Galactic - used futuristic weapons such as lasers
Mythic was a bit more open using all sorts of effects created by magic.

But as time wore on, the lines were blurred

Why is the Xenos' Venom Spit galactic? shouldnt it be Zoomorph?
How is it that the Sentry's Shock Wave is Galactic, but the invadron's Shock Wave is Cyber?
The Darkseer has an 'Anthrax' attack that is cyber? shouldn't that be a Necro attack?
- (And Mini Me is necro somehow, it feels like these two should be switched)

Maybe I am in a minority here, but I would like to see future attacks more in line with their gene.

- Regardless, the game is good and continues to be fun.