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11-07-2014, 03:11 AM
Hi, i been thnking this for a few days and i thought i would be a good idea to share it.

The idea is to custom the appearance of our mutants to our taste.

For example, depending on the mutant, we could be able to change its color (skin, hair, clothes) accesories, weapons etc..


Cyber gene mutants: We could be able to add some cool paintjobs, change the form of its cannons/weapons , and other pieces like arms or legs, for example: Robot, Goliath, Captain wrenchfury, Stealth bot, Planet cleaner and Sentry are very exploitable
Female mutants: Some of the most exploitable with this feature, change the color of the skin, clothes and hair, change the hairstyle, the clothes and the appearance of her weapons. Blade banshee, Xena, Demon, Valkyre, Grim reapress, Space princess,Interceptrix and medusa are very exploitable
Zoomorph mutants: change the color and patters of their fur/scales/skin and some body parts, for example, make our rakshasa look like black panther,Lion or Siberian tiger, or Make our Cerberus look like a 3-headed, Doberman, German sheepherd or bulldog
With all the saber-gene mutants we could be able to change and custom their arnour and swords
The ghostmonaut: I really like this mutant, it has a really cool design, but...i really donīt like how it looks without his helmet, with the ghostmonaut we should be able to change the color of his outfit, change and combine the accesories form his head like the helmet, hair, eyepatch and glasses

Every psy-captain has their own personality and taste, and some are very ambitious, they want their strongest mutants to be different and unique from the others, also a tag team mutant is a representation of the psy-captain, it would be very honorific for psy-captain to be recognized by his/her customized tag team mutant

1.-The customization of mutants will be only available for GOLD STAR mutants and some exclusive mutants.
2.-Some accesories are free, other cost a low amount of credits, other will cost more credits and other will cost gold, The more exotic is the accesory it will be more expensive
3.-Reactor exclusive accesories (like the human body of honey bunny) will only be available if you already own the reactor mutant, or you can buy the accesory for a determinated amount of gold

-Default accesories (the ones from previous star mutants) will be free when you get the gold star mutant, (optional)
-New and exclusive accesories will be divided in categories,
the cheap ones bought with credits(from 10k to 500k)
the cheap ones bought with gold (from 1 to 50)
the expensive ones bought with credits (from 600k to 4M)
the expensive ones bought with gold (from 60 to 250)

-Other exclusive accesories will be rewards for events and missions.

This is my suggestion hope you like it and include it on the game someday :encouragement:
Sorry for my bad english :shame: