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Enzo Santander Ramírez
11-07-2014, 03:45 AM
-New Reactor Collection:
*Merry Christmas: 1.- Reindeer --> Cervero
2.- Hideous --> Awful Bear
3.- Snowman -> Wizard of snow
4.- The Grinch --> Darkseer
5.- Mrs. Clous --> Sirenia
6.- Santa Clous --> Buck maurice or a new mutant

New Super Reactor:
- this reactor would possess the 13 zodiacs while but nebulus be the main character.
- It will have a value of 3 chips token, because they are unique but not gold.
- When possible 12 zodiacs for every three cards, it will be a great while before it is completed. Also, you can
gather 1500 gold per 3 token.
- An active person in the game can earn about 4 token per month.

My command of English is very poor, I apologized if incorreciones.