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Kenneth Pocaigue
11-07-2014, 03:48 AM
A couple suggestions to help improve strategic depth and playability, as well as a "quality of life" idea..

Equipment items... The idea is to have the ability to utilize items that provide beneficial buffs that could turn unfavorable matches into, well, favorable ones. Not just simply buffs.. but even stat modifiers or status/condition bonuses.
**For balance and strategic purposes, each mutant could be allowed to utilize up to 2 items or gear. One to serve as an attack modifier and one to serve as a defense modifier.
**Items/Gear can either be Gene locked where only specific items/gear can be equipped by specific genes, or run by Gene affinity rates allowing all genes to use the buff provided with particular genes reaping the most benefit.

Offensive Samples
*Ex* Attack Mod. Gear: [insert item name] "Gains passive Lifesteal on attack equal to 10% of damage inflicted (bonus 5% if equipped by Necro Mutant. Max 20% Lifesteal" <---Gene Affinity sample

*Ex* Attack Mod. Gear: [insert item name] "Gains passive Lifesteal on attack equal to 15% of damage inflicted. This item can only be equipped by Necro Mutants. <------ Gene Locked Sample.

Defensive Samples
*Ex* Defense Mod. Gear: [insert item name] "Increases health by (set amount '250'+ {5 x current level}). *+5 scaling bonus if worn by Zoomorph Mutant. Max Scaling +15 x current level* <-------Gene Affinity Sample

*Ex* Defense Mod. Gear: [instert item name] "Increase health by (set amount '150'+{5 x current level}). Can only be worn by Zoomorph Mutants. <-------- Gene Locked sample

Here are some examples of possible attack and defense modifiers that can be applied to gear. Gene Locked or Gene affinity models... Ratios can be adjusted for either instance.

Gene Type / Attack Mod / Defense Mod
Sabre : / +critical hit / resist critical hit
Cyber: / +paralyze / resist paralyze
Necro: / +Life steal / absorption
Zoomorph / +bloodlust / +health
Galactic / +corrosion / +resistance (+10%...Bonus 5% per galactic gene)
Mythic / +burn / regen

General Gear Buffs
*Adept (+10% experience gained after battle. No affinities)
*Invested (+10% credits gained after battle. No affinities)
*Insured (25% health restored upon victory. No affinities)
*TREASURE! (increased chance to obtain random "item* upon victory. No affinities)
^--this one if drop chances are ever introduced to the game--^

Terms and effects.
Paralyze:(status) chance to inflict paralysis. Paralyzed mutants will miss the next turn to act, however paralysis cannot be applied more than once per mutant, and afflicted mutant MUST act before paralysis can be reapplied. (10% success rate. +5% per cyber gene. Max 20% chance to inflict)

Absorption: Bonus resistance to weak attacks. Absorbs pathetic attacks. (+10%resistance to weak attacks. +5% per necro gene)
***(absorbs 25% of pathetic damage. +12.5% per necro gene)

Bloodlust:(buff) Increases base damage of Gene Advantage. (+10% damage amplified. Bonus 5% per zoomorph gene)

Corrosion:(status) Chance to inflict corroded. Corroded mutants take more damage from resisted attacks. (50% resistance ignored)
**(10% success rate. +5 per galactic gene. Max 20% chance to inflict)

Burn:(status) Chance to inflict burn for 3 turns. Burned mutants take damage equal to 8% of max health. (10% chance of success. +5% per mythic gene. Max 20% chance to inflict)

Regen:(buff) Restores health each turn the mutant acts. (10% of missing health restored. Bonus 5% per Mythic gene. Max 20% of missing health restored) ***** OR ***** ( 5% of max health. +2.5% per mythic gene. Max 10% of max health restored)

It is a lot of coding and a tall task to implement, however, I do believe it could bring a lot more dynamic play-ability to the game. Of course there could be free or acquirable items that can be obtained through rare drop, PvP, event rewards, etc. and there can also be Premium content items that can be sold in shop for gold that give a slightly larger (yet noticeable) benefit. I recommend using the Gene affinity Model as it would increase the popularity of Dual gened mutants like Android, Leech Lord, Kaiju Kitty etc.

Concerning PvP: I think the current PvP model seems a little dull.... it hardly feels like "Player versus Player" but more like "Player versus Player-built-A.I."... I say this because currently that is how PvP works. In offensive mode you get shuffled an opponent, get a preview of the gene makeup on team they built in defense, and then you battle an A.I. that bases it's decisions on.... I honestly don't know what.. Sometimes they use their tags at the right time, sometimes at the wrong time... and sometimes... not at all.. It can be good.... it can be bad... but it isn't as fulfilling. In defensive mode you set a team and ask your friends to tag in case anyone tries to bully you in the Arena..... then you hope that you fall into the better half of the instances mentioned above.

When you hear PvP, most people that play games really do think "Player vs. Player"... It would be really cool if we can get an actual PvP system to run alongside the Arena. No team preview or star count, but a match rating system and probably a Gene pool preview that only counts by total number of unique mutants (showing only gene ratios of course). In this separate PvP you can give each participant 15 to 30 seconds to decide their course of action, and if they are unable to in the time allotted, then have the decision made the same way as the current PvP.. although restrict the A.I.'s usage of tags. You could take out the usage of tags completely in this aspect of PvP.. Making strategic choices instead simple hit, tag, win tactics.
If this idea can take off, I think it would be a great way to introduce the item mechanics as the buffs and status conditions would be most beneficial in an actual PvP scenario.

Concerning Tags: I posted this suggestion before... but I still think it would be great if There can be a little message window displayed when your tag has been updated. This is so that you will know that your tag has changed and would prevent confusion and hate mail from other players due your tag not being helpful. It can be something cool like "*mutant name* is ready to assist your allies!" or even "*mutant name*, its eyes are burning with excitement!"... Maybe just "A new mutant has been assimilated"... or simply "Tag has been updated" <----would be so useful....

Rare Drops: This one is simple, although it may take some time to work in. Can we get the possibility of receiving loot through campaigns, even though the campaigns have been completed? This can work in a few ways....
**Allow campaign end loot to be reacquired when completing the same boss. (at a low rate, that lowers depending on item importance)
**Allow all campaign boss loot to be reacquired when completing the final boss in the difficulty tier. (again at a low rate that lowers depending on item importance)
**Allocate item pools to each zone increasing drop chances as the difficulty level increases. Higher tiers should have better loot, however, better loot should be reasonably harder to obtain.
**Allocate an item pool for the campaign (1 pool for the entire thing) that consists of consumables and stars. Rate of acquisition should decrease as importance increases *gold star should be harder to obtain than a bronze* . Drop rates should start super low, then steadily rise with difficulty. To ensure that harder work pays off more, the higher the difficulty, the smaller the item pool should be. (cutting out the smaller common stuff you could get from gifts like med packs, exp bars, shots of mutosterone, etc. making it a little easier to obtain more important stuff..)

There are other things I'd like to cover, but I think this is too much reading for one sitting. I really do enjoy this game and hope these ideas can be of use

11-22-2014, 01:13 AM
A lot of realy nice suggestion in here, most of them ask for a lot of codding but i think they worth it.
Nice post Kenneth.

[K] Hugo
12-03-2014, 03:16 PM
WOWOWOWOW how did I miss that ! Thanks a lot, added to my report for future reference !