View Full Version : New Reactor theme and more

Jimmy Scheffers
11-13-2014, 04:30 PM
I like to play the mutant game but there is so much more kobojo can offer us. Sometimes I feel like a milkcow because of the ridiculious prices for gold mutant and more. Here are some of my ideas.

Dragonball Z reactor theme
Shenron - Dracus nobilis
Vegeta - Astro surfer
Goku - Techno taoist (maybe an uodate so it looks even more like goku)
Future Trunks - Bushi
(golden) Oozaru - Cosmo kong
Gohan (great saiyaman) - Bazzinger

- Lower the prices of mutants, upgrades and gold

- Market: allow players beyond lets say level 50 to sell there mutants to each other for money or gold. Or let them trade them to complete there bingo. You can choose a mutant from your own list and put it for a price on the market. If you would like to buy it immediately you can use gold.

- Except level upgrades I would like to make my mutant more personal. Maybe in color or upgrade attacks. Perhaps some items.

- Jackpot: make the prices more useable. Come on 10.000 coins is not worth a chance and there are some more of it.