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Sebastien Robichaud
12-02-2014, 12:55 AM
Hi Kobojo,

I have played your game for almost 8 months and I must say this is the only game that I am still playing for now.

I noticed many things that might be nice to improve so you can make this game the most incredible freeware on Facebook and phone applications.

Here are my ideas:

1- I suggest 2 new machines for the game: 1 machine similar to the medical lab, but for tickets. Which means that for an amount of credits we can buy ticket batches with waiting time. The second one is a machine where we can create reactor tokens (single and batches), jackpot tokens batches and bronze/silver/gold stars and those can be buy with golds with waiting time

2- It might be nice to add new bingo sheet base on the mutants with stars (sheet for bronze silver and gold mutants)

3- The shop should be review to give availability to all players to buy all the mutants without needing to wait for them to appear in the shop. Mutants can be sold base on the bingo sheet, for example: level 1 search = mutants 500 to 700 gold, level 2 search = 1000 to 1500 golds and level 3 search = 1500 to 2500 golds. It should also include the Zodiac mutants.

4- It can be nice to add specials base on how many mutants you buy, like a shopping cart, if you buy 3-5-7-10 mutants, you have a discount.

5- It would be nice to be able to choose the mutants we want to put in tag and to see our friends tags when selecting them for combat.

6- There should be a possibility to un-hybride a mutants to get the star back. Many times we have duplicates and we lost our stars. And also the possibility to sell them for credits if we want.

7- New campaign should be available for the players that has finish, because when the PVE tournament are over, we don't have anything else to do except levelling up our mutants or do PVP. Also, it can be nice if when we finish a campaign, we receive an offer with a legendary mutants chose by Kobojo with discount.

8- It would be nice to add new success.

9- Tournament would be nice if they were split by stages, for example 1-to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 150 and 151 to 200, but all final steps is a combat between your mirror team, stage 1 = no stars, stage 2 = bronze star, stage 3= silver star and stage 4 = gold star no matter what stars are your mutants. level 50 can give 50 golds, level 100 can give a mutant, level 150 can give 2 gold stars and last level (200) can give a promotion on a mutant select by the kobojo's player community. Also add new price for the tournament like XP boost, tickets, gold, credits

10- should be nice also if the challenge hall can come back every 2 weeks instead of months

11- It can be interesting to have new boost like the regeneration/xp boost, but for credits and tickets

12- When we use our phone instead of Facebook, we can't have the daily challenges, special gifts or jackpot tokens video.

13- last thing, it can be nice if the golds and credit prices can be review. It is really expensive to buy golds, with all next-gen consoles and games, we don't have the money to buy golds. I have a buy a lot of gold, but I know I would have buy more if the prices were cheapers. Usually, when your price are low, it can attract more people specially if some ideas like the availability of the mutants or new machines are implemented, people will be more willing to buy gold since they see those mutants this is a basic marketing concept since people usually buy more when they see a protect they want at cheaper price. If mutants were always available, it should insist people to buy gold in order to have them rapidly.

Those are my ideas, I hope you enjoyed reading them and that they inspired you.

Best regards,

12-02-2014, 10:51 AM
1- I suggest 2 new machines for the game: 1 machine similar to the medical lab, but for tickets. Which means that for an amount of credits we can buy ticket batches with waiting time. The second one is a machine where we can create reactor tokens (single and batches), jackpot tokens batches and bronze/silver/gold stars and those can be buy with golds with waiting time
Best regards,
Sebastieni didn't read all but i liked this idea, but why not keeping the building (medikits) and change his name and add a new fonction in this one :p

[K] Hugo
12-02-2014, 11:58 AM
Moved to the english section of the forum,

Great thoughts here, we'll definitely discuss most of them :)

Kenneth Pocaigue
12-02-2014, 04:32 PM
Loved all these suggestions xP Some of them a little too much... So allow me to point out a few effects it could have on the game. I would like to apologize in advance as most would be perceived negatively, but should be taken constructively rather than offensively... I'll go down each point, but try not to spend too much time on them.

1: New buildings!! Always a great idea!! Well, more space would also be great to go along with this as there is only so much we can do with our rooftops. Tickets? I'm guessing campaign passes, if so this would be a welcomed addition that shouldn't affect the overall equilibrium of the game. Reactor tokens, Jackpot Tokens, Stars..... While this will be received well by the community, it would be detrimental from a business standpoint. It is true we need a way to acquire tokens and stars with more ease, however, Challenge hall provided this... Adding yet another building that offers these things will make the Challenge Hall function redundant as the ONLY thing worthwhile in it is Rakk.. Everything else can be acquired in the game during the rotations... once rakk is finished, what use will the Challenge hall be till they install a new top tier reward?

2: Yes and No.... Great idea, but due to the exclusivity of many mutants, it will be pretty strenuous on the wallet, so the rewards would need to scale upwards to match each elite version.

3: Bad from all perspectives... The rotation is great as it is... It offers Exclusivity to mutants, makes them much more desirable when they come around because it is never set in stone when they will return... if ever.. Having ALL mutants available outside the Special ones like Goliath and Oriax, will allow a level 1 player to complete the bingo by simply buying all the mutants and selling them right after incubation... then they wouldn't even play the game.. It would transform this game into a HEAVY Pay to win type game... The Free player will see this and give up, as they will not be able to keep up with fresh players that have all the money in the world... Every player counts... not only the rich ones. From a business standpoint, the sales will rocket!! As paying players will start completing their collections and bingo books... but then... they'll stop playing, and there goes that revenue. Why? Because they completed the game. What keeps players going is the need to reach that 100%.... PvP and PvE will become too distorted and unmanageable because no one will know what the previews even mean anymore. And finally, new players would find it hard to fit into the game simply because of the nature of P2W games. Of "My wallet is bigger than yours!" games....

4: They do offer specials, they call them packs. And nobody really buys in bulk because you only ever need one form of a shop mutant. Normally Shop released mutants are Legendary, and can be bred pretty easily to obtain elite versions. Holiday and Zodiac mutants offer strategic value only up to the silver metagame... Meaning they have no place in High tier PvP.. And all Normal mutants are easily bred as well.. Why sell in bulk?

5: Suggested many times..... Not a high priority issue in Kobojo eyes apparently... And with the Excess of Britany and Burankas running around..... Not a very good idea.. From a business standpoint... this will drop revenue as players won't have to re-breed their overpowered tag Mutants to gold and train the again,, The Tag system is fine the way it is... Takes a little bit of understanding in how it works, but isn't too hard to deal with.

6: There would be no risk to breeding Elite versions, and there would be no need to farm or buy more than 4 gold stars. you only need 3 for a team, and 1 for a tag. Even if you wanted variety, being able to regain the star would make shifting teams around only take a few hours or days. If it applied only to incubation stage, then you would only need 5 stars, and one each time you wish to get a new mutant to gold. Star sales would drop... revenue will drop..

7: Suggested before as well, in many ways. I'm personally wishing they can make item drop rewards for the campaign to provide more replay value.

8: I don't understand.......

9:I'm guessing the is the PvE tournament... Um... Sounds interesting... But then all stages will be pretty easy till the last one.. Since you are facing your own team, of course as the Gold mutant or the higher level... you'll go first meaning you'll win. In the last Fight where all the mutants are gold, they should be way higher evo than your own.. but even then, you have a tag.. would still be a walk in the park. It would still be interesting.

10: Has been done.. Challenges display change in 2 weeks..
11: Interesting, this one doesn't have much negative effects.

12: Lots of people play using the mobile, because of the casual nature of the game.

13: Shouldn't be compared to Console gaming on any level... Facebook applications are games that you can play while you are on facebook... Even the Mobile Game is either connected to your FB or an Email account. It is Casual gaming meant to be played as you browse the net, or to pass the time waiting in line at the bank or library or something. Console games are Games that you normally have to devote some time to play, and are usually played at home. Meaning, you aren't going to sit down and turn on your PS3 to check and update your facebook status, or while you are at the bank. The engines are completely different and serve different purposes for entertainment. While it would make your life a whole lot easier to spend your money on both console games and Facebook games, reevaluating the gold and credit pricing will not make it any less expensive. Air will ALWAYS be expensive if you have to pay money for it. The current, random gold sales and other offers are incentive enough to buy gold and brings in lots of revenue as it is. Lowering the price, or giving more gold per unit of currency won't increase sales by all that much. Players budget their entertainment expenditures. $50 USD will still be $50 USD no matter how much the increase of gold is for it. It will however, encourage free players to start spending, but money grab tactics like that will be view just as it is... money grab tactics.. which equates to revenue loss..

Of course I bear little understanding of any perspective I may have used or implied, and the effects are only Logic based assumptions which may not actually happen if they are implemented. But as an experienced gamer, and well... an experienced gamer... These are my thoughts on the matters xP I look forward to your response and reasoning xP.

Sebastien Robichaud
12-06-2014, 01:41 AM
Good evening,

First I would say thank you a lot for spending time reviewing my ideas and gave constructive comments on them.

I am replying to give a little more information and also try to remove some confusion or questions that might still be pending.

1- Concerning the building for stars/tokens/jackpot tokens, this one would be buyable by golds only. I don't see any real differences, since the stars can be buy in the shop directly and jackpot tokens can be win while watching videos. I see it more like a new form of pack Kobojo can do instead of jackpot token/reactor tokens pack they do at 9.99$ or 2.99$. With this new machine, you remove the stars from the shop and the promotion on jackpot tokens/reactor tokens become not necessary since we can buy them with golds directly from the machine. By gold or buy cash, the result is almost the same. Also, by adding the opportunity to the users to buy reactor tokens, it will give them more opportunity to try the reactors and less arguing on duplicates they received. More chance to spend more money for gold in the shop to play the reactor again. It can give also the opportunity to kobojo to develop new reactor packs and maybe more than 3.

2- For the sheets in the bingo, it will give the opportunity to the players to know which mutants they have and which type (bronze/silver/gold) with a little reward assign to it. I know the mutantopia is there to show this, but the bingo sheet is display on a summary basis and it'S more friendly user. No need to change the rewards they can just be has they are but mixed and the mutants that are not hybridable like the zodiac, oriax, etc.. doesn't need to be shown. The rewards are already generous, no need to change them, just remixed them between lines column and sheets.

3- I think this idea will favour rich, less richer and poor and also kobojo's business, let me explain why. Since we don't have the Kobojo's financial reports, we can only speculate on the % of buyers. If let say Kobojo has 100 000 players and on this 20% are regular buyers, another 30% are buying sometime and the last 50% are players that never buys. This means that the 20 000 might buy a lot of mutants, this won't change since they probably buy all mutants when they come out and a lot of player might already have them all. The 30% which means 30 000 players might start buying more since on a visual basic, they are easier to reach which means easier to pay for and the last 50 000 are the players that might now start buying or still play for free. The think here is that if we take 2 mutants at equal level and equal type, like Bazzinger and Walkyrie, one can be hybridable and the other one only available in the shop. Both have same speed (5), dazzinger has 302 attack and 1163 health at level 1 and walkyrie has 286 attack and 1006 health. Which means that Right now, there is only slightly low differences between a legendary and an hybridable. Almost all the mutants are similar no matter if they are legendary or not. Also, the shop should be available only for regular mutants (no stars) which means that people will still need to farm for XP, stars, etc... Not all people level up at the same pace neither. The reason here is people see other mutants only when doing PVP and this should not affect the difference between the actual game and the game with this implementation, why?? Because right now a poor player can still fight a rich player because if a player wants to pay for 2500 g mutants they will pay for it no matter if they are all available or not. Since you can only fight with 3 mutants at a time, it won't matter if the player is rich or not, it will just give the opportunity to the players to buy the mutants and mix with the idea of bronze/silver/gold bingo sheet, they will still need to farm to complete their bingo sheet. The bingo sheet gives a challenge to the users because they are farming for their stars and need to level their mutants to reach the hybridable stage. The bingo sheet is probably what gave another breathe to the game specially for the ones that finished the campaigns. This will also give the opportunity to Kobojo to develop new mutants. We most also consider that Kobojo doesn't play only against money, they do play against time, because on a short term basis, we don't know if this game will still be as popular as it is right now and I am probably sure that choosing which mutants to add every week might take a little time to think about it. With the Zodiac game that comes out soon and the increase popularity of Facebook games, the competition is there.

4- This idea was link to idea number 3 base on mutant shop.

5- I do agree that buranka and britany do kill the PVP a little, but on my point of view there is no difference between writing on an excel sheet which tag is to who or seing it on my screen. Maybe not choosing our tag, but only seeing the tag of our friends will give the opportunity to players to manage their tags more efficiently between PVP or PVE.

6- I agree and this one become useless if other ideas above are implemented.

8- What I meant by new success is success like having 1 gold mutant gives you X gold or completing 10 PVP gives you X gold. Those were useful when starting the game, but became accomplished really fast.

9- Yes I meant PVE tournament. I most say that the PVE right now are still being accomplished easily when you have a ce level 26 and higher. I think we think the same way and that it can be an interesting enhancement to the actual tournament and this idea can be the start of a new one.

12- This is why the daily challenges, daily gifts and jackpot videos should also be available through the mobile phones instead of PC only.

13- I do agree that it cannot be fully compare to console games and that this game is use mainly for passing time, but if people are like me I can something spend more time on my FB games than my PS4 because some time i feel lazy and don't want to open my console. However, this doesn't mean I will spend my money, I will probably do 2-3 campaign boost and 5-6 pvp which will take 10-15 minutes and after that I am done for the evening and might repeat just before sleeping. The ideas here on a marketing point of view is to try to sell your game on a time range. No business lives on a free game, somehow, they need to have buyers, otherwise, they won't last long. I do agree that someone that has a 50$ budget might still be spending 50$, those are consider the regular buyers, but the one like me that will spend casually will probably spend more without noticing because price are attractive. And non buyers might start thinking about buying low prices. All Facebook games use that kind of offers to attract players and pay for their games. The thing here is to try to attract the casual buyers and the non buyers, because regular buyers will still spend the same thing. It's depend on which type of market you want to target and your desire to grow.

I hope that this might have help a little and that it clarified some confusions or questions. Feel free to give any more comments or ideas on the one already mentioned and maybe we will have worked and argue enough together to help Kobojo improved their game and add more value again to a game that is already awesome.

Thank you again for your constructive comments and it will be a pleasure to read you back.

Best regards,

Kenneth Pocaigue
12-15-2014, 08:29 AM
Sorry I've so long for me to reply xP Been a bit busy managing other games with a broken comp.. Anyways in response to a few things from the last post, I'll go over points 1,2,3,8 and 13.. as they are the most notable ones...

1: Please explain in direct detail, without advantage/disadvantages, the process and function of the building for stars and tokens. I originally perceived it as a possibly free way to acquire the items, even if required to buy the building in the first place to start generating these items.

2: The rewards would be required to scale upward with each elite version required. What is the point of completing the same exact pages for the same exact reward, when more effort will be required to do so? More resources will be used up or lost, and more frustration over duplicates and coveted stars used on those duplicates. The same rewards? No... that will not work for the conservative player, which is majority of the free players. They have to work extra hard with their minimal resources just to get a hand on a Gold star.. Do you really think offering the same rewards listed in the Bingo book will make them want to use that gold star on something that is easily obtainable, yet mildly useful or viable, especially when Legendary/PvP mutants take priority due to the Power gap? Resources are really hard to farm for the free player, they can be bought yes... but having it in shop doesn't mean it is encouraging for a free player to spend. Even the flash sales and deals don't always work, and players will just try for them in the PvE/PvP arenas.. Since it requires so much effort for them to build those resources, to have a bingo book for each elite version will NEED to scale upward to match each Elite version, otherwise.. most players will just leave it alone and it won't be much of an incentive to complete the elite bingo.. Which makes the feature look like it is geared more towards the Paying players... Which in turn, makes the Developers look greedy and fall in favor with the free players. Less play time, less revenue. TRUST ME... The Free players are the players the devs ALWAYS need to keep in mind when making major decisions.. Because when they leave and mark the game, the budgeting players will soon follow, then eventually... the bigger spenders... then finally... all players will leave as there is not enough to keep the game alive. EVERY decision can impact the game.. So it is imperative that the free players be kept in mind at all times...

3: OK, this one sounds so good!! Amazing actually!! It is so Player friendly that business will BOOM if it hits. All mutants available in shop for purchase!! Everyone will start spending and Kobojo can retire and call it a day in the next month.. In fact, that is probably how it will go.. Playing against time? Yes, Kobojo as a company needs to think about time as they make their decisions. Except, they don't need to think about how long their game will last, but instead, how long they can make it last. That is why the rotation is great as it is! When a player sees something new and shiny in the shop, they jump to buy it. If they don't have the means, then they watch it leave the shop.. and know to jump on the chance when it comes around again. They learn to conserve, and budget and play efficiently. But lets just eliminate the cause of this healthy gameplay behavior. make everything available.. Now we don't need to conserve, it is there, we can buy it... if we can't buy it, then it is ok... because it is there... no need to work so hard, because it is always available.. The free player benefits from this because now they don't have to struggle... but wait... the paying player benefits even more because now they can buy everything, they can complete everything with money. We have a new Problem... Paying players have all the good stuff!! But free players can only get what they can afford... Suddenly there is a gap between the players that is impossible to not notice... MONEY... And the game will be perceived quite easily as pay to win.. Sure the PvP mutants will come around in their season so the free player can still get those.. but Legendary? Well, they are in shop... all the time... But cost money.. We can get them... with money.. It has always been this way, except now it becomes more evident. MONEY = POWER! The free player again... gets the short end of the stick. As they can only get their goodies way way later after farming and hard saving and working in the game for it.. While the paying players.. Yes this is where it gets so good. CAN BUY EVERYTHING, and not need to work for anything... theres this awesome thing called EXP Jars that Boosts the EXP of mutants by certain amounts. This can be bought. Even if mutants are only available in base for.. they can be bought, boosted, then bred. Wash rinse repeat... Do you see how unfavorable this is yet? The entire process can be done with money.... Remember what happens when the free player leaves..

8: You're talking about achievements.. Yeah.. they need to put more in... lols

13: The prices are quite generous as they are... I mean $50 USD for air? It really is no different than $50 USD for a little more air.. But then we can just drop the price for air a little... so instead of $50 USD we can make the increments go further down and add more air.... except... whether we are paying $50 USD or $35 USD for air..... Air is still pretty darn expensive.

Conclusion: My overall perception of the Major suggestions in your post is this. You want to make giving money to the developers a whole lot easier. This is not a bad idea, namely because it takes money to run the game and improve it for a better experience! Some suggestions Looked more appealing from the free player's perspectives, the Availability and lower pricing particularly.. but while they looked more appealing, when taking a step back, it also looks a lot more greedy. Now Money may make the game grow, GREED will NOT! Greed will kill the game.. And the most perceptive of this is the free players, which is why they need to be kept in mind at all times.. Because they usually make up the majority of a game's player base. When the free player leaves, the developers notice. When the middling payers leave, The developers Notice.. When the Paying player finds that they have to cover everything that just left with their own wallets... do you think they will stay? NOPE!... When they leave... the developers will hurt. But of course, I have little understanding of many things... and I am most certainly able of being wrong.. xP

Sebastien Robichaud
12-18-2014, 12:43 AM
thank you again for your constructive comments. I don't have a lot of time to write, but since holidays are coming I wanted to give you some little feedbacks on point 1-2-3.

But before starting, I must say that all replies I do are base on speculation since we don't know how much are spending players in this games and what are the profit that the business do.

1- The things is that sales doesn't comes all the time and people are like you say, specially free players, farming hardly to gain they stars and tokens. Since you receive golds every time you level, the game will take a little new turn since the free players will now have the chance to buy stars or tokens and manage their golds as they wish. I see it like the medical labs but with golds and package like 5,10,1520 jackpot tokens, 1,2,3,4 reactor tokens, 1-2-3 bronze stars, etc... This will help the players like me that has hard time to find tokens and stars and that most wait almost 2 week every time before having one. When you are stuck in your bingo sheet, you finished your campaign, the roll for new tokens stars is long.

2- We can reverse this situation and ask you what will you do for players that has filled all bingo sheets, that completed all campaigns and that has let say 40 pvp friends?? They will play every 2 weeks just for the tournaments which will be useless because they have all the mutants so tokens and stars are not necessary. You must give all the players (free, casual and buyers) something to achieve. If you don't give importance for the mutants with the stars what is the goal to achieve gold mutants?? Even the pvp will become useless, i don't know for other players and I can'T talk for them, but I have only 2 remaining missions to do, all challenge hall are done and tournament are done in maybe 4-5 days. PVP I never finish first because I have about 25 friends which means I can have a lot of points to get the first 2 stars. Right now I am farming my low level and I don't have any stars to use to upgrade them so the game is becoming less useful for me. The only thing that is keeping me to play the game is because I want to fill my bingo sheets. Other than that I don't see real values to do PVP or tournaments when all your bingo sheet are filled.This is the reason why new bingo sheets for star would be interesting. You know what I like? I like to receive rewards that help me grow in the game. Why use the same rewards for stars sheet than standard sheet? Because they give gold to the players, tokens, stars and special legendary mutants that players can manage as they want, that's what I like. Even if it is 600 golds I would take it.

3- The problem here is that my thinking would be completely different if it was a PVP only game which is not the case. I don'T see the issue here of free players quitting the game because they see a mutants shop?? Right now I don'T have a lot of legendary mutants and in PVP I do play against player that has way better mutants than me. How I beat them?? Because usually my Evolution center is greater or even. What helps me is my friends in combat and I don't have a lot of friends in this game. Why give the opportunity to players to buy the mutants? Because I know that people that are collecting their golds like me and spending some time would be able to manage what mutants I want first than let Kobojo decide for me. I must say that adding a mutant shop would be a great idea combine to the bingo sheet why? Because the goal of adding the shop here is to help fill the bingo sheets so if the shops is only normal mutants, it will give more values if bingo sheets for stars mutant are also available. Like you say Kobojo needs to think about free players too, the problem here is that unfortunately these are not the players that brings money to kobojo to maintain, enhance and support the game.

I do agree too that my ideas might not be the best one either, they all came from a perspective I had playing the game. I have start playing it in May-June and right now maybe 75% of it is completed which means that I would probably have played 1 year (world of warcraft is still being play after more than 10 years. Why? they have expansion almost every year that keeps you play because you have a goal in mind (farming PVE armours, PVP armours or any other items) and it is a monthly fee game). I won'T see any more values playing the game to farm legendary mutants specially if I need to wait I don'T know how long before seing them in the shop. I think those points can be talked for many hours, but on my point of view it depends on how everybody sees it, it is a question of perspective. I am a casual player and pure gamer that buys more than 2 games per month and that had all the console since the atari. I play with MGG between 1 to 2 hours per day to do my tickets and even less when I play tournaments since when it cost 19 tickets I would play 2 games thats it, specially if my friends tag are recharging.

Kenneth Pocaigue
12-18-2014, 06:02 PM
1: This feature still breaks the usage of the challenge hall..

2:Assuming a player has reached that point "which means they either spent TONS of money and have played long enough to catch everything that cycled throughout at least a years worth of gameplay" then yes, scaling rewards will be pretty useless for the player.. however.. most players just quit the game at that point because if there is nothing left for them besides bingo... they'd just buy what they are missing when available and complete the bingo.. Of course Kobojo will continue to grow the mutopedia as they have been.. Meaning the bingo book may never really be completed anyways.. But having a better reward for one that doesn't need it? You are right it is useless... but the game isn't played by one that has everything... It actually has a good sized player base that don't have everything... and even those that do would still appreciate a better reward for more of their efforts spent... For the rest of the player base.. a scaling reward is actually greatly appreciated for scaling effort.. Unless Everybody just wants to toil under the sun for no real reason at all..... I'm actually pretty sure that there are many and I CAN speak on behalf of a particular group of players that will not put in the effort if the rewards for an Elite Bingo were just the same as the normal ones..

3: Ever wonder what happens when you Eliminate the free player? I may have explained it before but perhaps it wasn't clear.. They "may not" bring in all the revenue but they spread the popularity.. Which essentially means that... well.. they DO bring in all the revenue..... In order for a game to be successful... it needs players... MGG isn't a P2P game... if it was.. its a pretty horrible game.. but it isn't.. it is F2P.. So they need numbers on their side to attract the whales and big fishies.. Let us assume that it is year 2 as a F2P Facebook Game with no Free players.. Oh wait... I don't think servers will house a game that has no players and no way to generate income.. Honestly.. I don't know how much you have spent on the game.. but I have spent quite a bit.. and would like to not have the game shut down at any point because the free player doesn't feel like the game is accommodating.. As a Paying Player, I really would not like to have a community consisted of only paying players.. Why? Because it is a F2P game, and the free player is what generates all the income.. If this isn't logical in your perspective.. I really don't know how to explain it then and Give up trying.. as there would really be no point.. The Shop is appealing but again.. is detrimental to the health of the game via the free player..
It would be an appreciated feature... don't get me wrong.. but not as it is.. Variety is the spice of life, but too many tastes confuses the tongue.. a "Mutant Shop" will be great, so long as it doesn't house ALL mutants at once.. Seasonal changes.. Cycled sets.. Prerequisites.. Restrictions... Conditions.. Whatever to lessen the blow of the "Bigger Wallet" ego.. This way, it doesn't look like an obvious money grab. If you poll this particular feature... I assure you that many players will say they want it... and that they want it exactly how you first suggested.. That is because of the competitive mentality of the player... Anything to make their efforts less and increase their rewards... cut their wait times or play to their convenience.. However, it isn't often that the players will immediately think about the health of the game after the inclusion of such features..
Oh, and the game may not be strictly PvP.. it actually didn't even have much of a PvP system when it first started.. **yes I was around when the game was still learning to crawl** But if you look at the name... It is suggested that it is an arena based game.. Arena's are competitive to the very essence.. while at the moment, 2/3 of the game is PvE.. The PvP aspect isn't going to just stand there and wave at you.. And is most likely the reason the game's popularity even grew at all..

I apologize if my response is poorly written.. And I thank you for your clarifications, and patience while reading. I also apologize for trailing off or utilizing sarcasm to make a point. Happy Holidays xP