View Full Version : I Thought Buranka Was OP, Until Britney Released

12-03-2014, 08:09 PM
Recently, the PvP in this game has been less about playing our own mutants, and more about who has more friends with Buranka or Britney.

I have many tag team friends that have a high level Britney and they literally one shot my opponent's entire team, or leave very little left to kill. In contrast, I have had my opponent use Britney tag teams that obliterate my entire team. There is a race to have as many Britney tag team partners as you can. There needs to be balancing done, because it's getting out of hand. The PvP was very dependent on tag teams and defenses already, but Britney doing a 50% more dmg multi-hit has taken the game to a new level of contingency.