View Full Version : Regarding Tag Team Attacks

12-04-2014, 12:18 AM
I think for tag team attacks, the speed of the mutant that comes to your aid should match the speed of the mutant (or as close as possible) of the mutant you use it with.

For example, using Project X27, a 12.5 speed mutant, will most likely get the first tag team attack, unless your opponent has a higher level X27. With Buranka and Britney in the picture, and mostly all the skilled players having one as their tag team, 75% of matches end after the first attack. I will use Project X27, get the first tag team, and the other team will vanish.

Having a tag team mutant that matches the speed of the mutant used, will ensure that players can't use fast mutants for the purpose of using their tag team first, and have a slow and OP tag team that use a multi-attack and obliterate the opposing force. (ie: Buranka & Britney).

My friend has an evo level of 23 and 90% of his friends have gold Britney as a tag team attack. He puts in Project X27, uses a tag team, and has taken out players that have a 30+ evo level.