View Full Version : Attack Name Changes?

Vincent Bishop-Diaz
11-17-2013, 09:02 PM
(I previously posted this one Facebook, but figured re-posting it here might get a better response.)
When did they change the name of Zomborg's cyber attack from "Pull My Finger" to "Fist throwing"? And better yet, why did the change it? "Fist throwing"? Seriously? I thought "Pull My Finger" was an awesome and hilarious name for his cyber punch attack. "Fist throwing" is just plain boring.
Another stupid change was Zombie's neutral attack (2nd attack). "Bubonic Bomb" was ok as far as attack names go in my opinion, but "Deadly Guerilla" is meh at best. I bet I can think of at least three better names than that. "Kamikazi", "Zomb-Bomb" and "Suicide Bomber" come to mind. Ok, that last one may not be very PC (politically correct), you at least have to admit that it is appropriate for the attack. How about "Grenade Seranade" or "Pull The Pin". Any of those is a better name than "Deadly Guerilla".
But I digress. That name change didn't bother me a much as Zomborg losing "Pull My Finger". I mean, come on... his first attack is "Chuckling Chuck-Up". "Pull My Finger" keeps with the theme. "Fist throwing" does not. Also, they didn't even capitalize the "t" in "throwing". Almost every other attack name in the game has both words capitalized. The only other two exceptions that I could find were Goliath's "Homing missles" and Behemoth's "Plasma swarm".
I'm sure there have probably been other attack name changes that I just didn't notice.
TL;DR: Zomborg's "Pull My Finger" should never have been changed to "Fist throwing".