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John MacDonald
11-18-2013, 11:12 PM
Hello, everyone!

As a long time player of various games and a new player of this particular game, I thought I'd chime in and say what first impressions I've had. Feel free to agree or disagree.


Day 1: Shiny! Things like monster breeding and some tongue-in-cheek references like an ape that loves throwing barrels at plumbers makes me chuckle. Reminds me of Mail Order Monsters or various other monster-fighting games through the ages.

I decide to give it a go. Being a firm believer of supporting games that entertain me, I decided to plop down some money for gold as a means of supporting the site - Being 30% bonus gold also made it help as I then used said funds to purchase a Gold Thor and still have some left over. This winds up being a fairly fun purchase as it changes the way the game plays.

The first few fights really do showcase the talent of this particular beast - Tons of hit points and able to tank most people. I feel like a deity of the arena, capable of crushing lesser men. It also makes it easy to continue fighting, having something that can help nearly any team win against nearly anything else.

Then, I met my first boss. Turns out I wasn't prepared and I promptly found out what losing tastes like. I know. I lost a PVE match. Noob!


Day 2: Hurrah! Thor has bred and produced a mighty Medusa. Yeah. I had a Beast at this point. I had gotten the Bunny from a roulette roll and managed to get a Beast/Mystic combination. This turned out to be my favourite personal-bred monster. Still, Thor kept up his purchase power as he continued to make it very simple to level beasts by sticking them in fights I couldn't possibly win without the big man. Turns out having a God of Thunder is actually pretty awesome.


Day 3: Hey! I've got more Gold. I can gain levels quickly and I had some left over. Turns out I can purchase my second Gold beastie - The Interceptrix. This fast creature doesn't 'feel' as epic as Thor. Though still fast and deadly, Thor continues to be my go-to guy, along with Medusa. PVP gets entered and I learn that I'm pretty bad-assed. There are some strange losses - Like when I'm level 12 and my Gold Thor/Gold Interceptrix/Medusa combo gets beaten by a team of non-special Robot/Enforcer combo of slightly lower level. I revenge and rather handily beat this person - I'm not sure how that happened. I also am beaten by a level 6 to my level 12 - Also with no special items and also handily beaten. Neither of them had allies when they attacked me.

Continuing on: I've enjoyed the first few weeks. I've played the Mars campaign and did well and now am in the top 1% in PVP. I have noticed that PVP does seem to favor the lower level. If I lose, I lose 5 points. If I win, I win 30 points. In my group, I have an 'average' win-loss ratio, but my points are through the roof simply because when I do beat someone, it's worth a ton more. I can lose 6 matches for every 1 I win and still be slowly gaining through the ranks.

I like the originality of the game. I like the breeding aspect. I like the storyline. There are some mechanics I'm not sure of(Increasing the level of your Breeding machine increases by 12% the chance for a rare. Is that a 12% increase - So if it were a 5% chance of a rare, it increases to a 5.6% increase, or is it an additional 12% - That is, if it's a 5% chance for a rare, it's a 17% chance after you increase? Mathematically, it is probably the former. English rules make the participle a little less clear. ;))

PS: Thor is awesome.

Aarick Boris Luthor
11-19-2013, 12:22 AM
those level 6's who beat you were probably hackers with a imortality cheat that lets them win no matter how sucky their mutants are. Go ahead and report them when you notice this.

The breeding machine's upgrades decrease the time it takes to breed something. so at lvl 2 it takes 33% less time and at lvl 3 it is 66% less time. so a 3 day breed takes 2 days at lvl 2 and 1 day at lvl 3.

As a Goal I would get 2 single gene mutants of each type and breed them together to make double genes. (the beast gene reccomends on all the websites I have visted using a honey bunny and a beast to get Kaiju Kitty) Once you have a a double gene breed with your single gene and throw in a bronze, get 2 bronze of each double gene and breed them together to make a silver.

Now once you have a Silver Android, Leech Lord, Nordic Knightmare, Kaiju Kitty, Astro Surfer and Pit Lord you can use them to make anything you want Gold or Silver.

Here is my list of XP needed per level and all the Breeding Formula's I have collected.

Level XP Chart
2 5
3 120
4 140
5 160
6 360
7 600
8 880
9 960
10 1170 1-10 = 4,395
11 1400
12 1500
13 1760
14 1870
15 2160 1-15 = 13,085
16 2470
17 2600
18 2730
19 3080
20 3220 1-20 = 27,185
21 3600
22 3750
23 ???

Mutant Gene Combination Mutant Combination
Techno Taoist Mythic + Cyber Demon + Robot
Grim Reapress Mythic + Necro Demon + Zombie or Leech Lord + Valkyrie
Gandolphus Mythic + Saber Demon + Warrior
Medusa Mythic + Zoomorph Demon + Beast
C'thlig(catholic) Mythic + Galatic Demon + Alien
Pit Lord Mythic + Mytic Demon + Demon
Alien Galactic Alien + Alien or Alien + Astro Surfer
Planet Cleaner Galactic + Cyber Alien + Colossus or Alien + Android or Robot + Astro Surfer
Tutti Gooey Galactic + Necro Alien + Zombie
Bounty Bug Galactic + Saber Warrior + Alien
Xenos Galactic + Zoomorph Alien + Beast
Astro Surfer Galactic + Galactic Alien + Alien
Nebulon Galactic + Mythic Alien + Demon
Zombie Necro Shop [500 credits]
Zomborg Necro + Cyber Leech Lord + Android
Leech Lord Necro + Necro Zombie + Zombie
Cap Bag O'Bones Necro + Saber Darkseer + Cap Wrenchfury or Terrordoll + Cap Wrenchfury
Dire Despot Necro + Saber Zombie + Warrior
Undead Dragon Necro + Zoomorph Leech Lord + Beast
Ghostmonaut Necro + Galactic Zombie + Alien
Baron Lundi Necro + Mythic Demon + Leech Lord
Beast Zoomorph Shop [25,000C]
Reptoid Zoomorph + Cyber Beast + Robot
Arachno Zoomorph + Cyber NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Cerberus Zoomorph + Necro Beast + Leech Lord or Dead Bot + Rakshasa or Reptoid + Leech Lord
Rakshasa Zoomorph + Saber Beast + Honey Bunny or beast + blade banshee
Kaiju Kitty Zoomorph + Zoomorph Honey Bunny + Beast
Parasite Queen Zoomorph + Galactic Alien + Beast
Dracus Nobilis Zoomorph + Mythic cerberus + pit lord or Valkyrie + Shell Shock or valkyrie + Beetle Bot or Valkyrie + Beast or Baron Lundi + Medusa or Pit Lord + Kaiju Kitty
Robot Cyber Shop [500 credits]
Android Cyber + Cyber Robot + Robot
Dead Bot Cyber + Necro Zombie + Robot
Stealth Bot Cyber + Saber Zomborg + Enforcer or Nordic Knightmare + Android or Enforcer + Warrior
Beetle Bot Cyber + Zoomorph Beast + Dead Bot Kaiju Kitty + Robot
Deus Machina Cyber + Mythic Valkyrie + Android or Techno Taoist + Android
Warrior Saber Shop [500 credits]
Interceptrix Saber + Cyber Bushi + Stealth Bot or Cpt Bag o Bones + Terror Doll
Enforcer Saber + Cyber Warrior + Robot
Blade Banshee Saber + Necro Enforcer + Undead Dragon
Bushi Saber + Necro Zomborg + Stealth Bot Martian Marauder + Tutti Gooey
Nordic Knightmare Saber + Saber Warrior + Warrior or Enforcer + Dire Despot
Honey Bunny Saber + Zoomorph Beast + Warrior
Martian Marauder Saber + Galactic Alien + Warrior
Valkyrie Saber + Mythic Warrior + Demon
Buck Maurice Saber + Saber SHOP ONLY
Leohart Zoomorph + saber N/A Can't Make
TerrorDoll Necro + Cyber Bushi + Stealth Bot or Undead Dragon + Reptoid
Zombat Zoomorph + Necro [PvP - Season 4]
Cancernia Zoomorph + Necro Shop Only
Colossus Cyber + Galactic Robot + Alien
Sirenia Galactic + Necro [PvP Season 5]
Cosmo Kong Zoomorph + Galactic SHOP ONLY
Lichlock Necro + Mythic [PvP Season 6]
Captain Wrenchfury Saber + Cyber TerrorDoll + Bushi
Behemoth [PvP Season 7] Bunny + Behemoth to gold star copy
Sentry Cyber + Galactic No Idea?
Shellshock Galactic + Zoomorph Beetle Bot + Shellshock or Beast + Shellshock or Alien + Shellshock or Kaiju Kitty + Shellshock or Astro Surfer + Shellshock Correct Parents

Jakub Topolski
11-21-2013, 06:41 PM
so... u've paid fat bucks right after starting the game and came here to brag. Great, u're awesome, go slap some more people with your wallet.

Christian Munive
11-21-2013, 06:57 PM
so... u've paid fat bucks right after starting the game and came here to brag. Great, u're awesome, go slap some more people with your wallet.

This made me LOL big time... hahaha, good one Jakub :).

Markus Walter
11-21-2013, 09:18 PM
Wealth is no reason to brag. Try to reach the point WITHOUT involving money...THATS a reason to brag with!!! :P

Franklyn Musgrave
11-21-2013, 09:40 PM
Here are a few tips for noobs, this stuff becomes obvious as you level up, but the earlier you know it the better, for planning purposes:

If you are going to spend gold to power level, it's a good idea to max out your campaign pass capacity early on. Every time you level up, your campaign passes refill, and the lower your level, the more often you will level up (duh!) so a higher capacity early on is a huge buff. A big difference in getting 50 campaign passes every time you level versus getting 100 campaign passes every time you level.

Try to keep your campaign passes empty when you are close to leveling to receive the full benefit of the pass refill when you level up.

Another good gold upgrade is the med lab, which is 250 g....very cheap for how valuable med packs can be when your mutants are tapped out and you need a few more fights in the tournament or PvE events.

Pure gene mutants are great for cross breeding, so try to breed them as soon as possible(which can be tedious and IMO a great time to use the option to use gold to switch to rare mutant on the breeding results page,) and keep them leveled up to the max. It's easy to show preference to your shiny new rare you just bred, but don't neglect your "breeding stock" lol.

When upgrading your mutant habitats, I've found that UPGRADING costs the same as BUYING A NEW HABITAT OUTRIGHT. So clear off your old habitat, sell it, and buy the upgrade BRAND NEW. It will save a little coin.

Something to consider when expanding your rooftop...Keep as few as possible basic gene habitats(SABRE, NECRO, CYBER). They max out a 9000 credits, which can fill up pretty quick in comparison to the advanced gene habitats, and a habitat that is just sitting there, full, is lost credits. The ONLY mutants you want in your basic gene habitats are the basic pure genes and the cross breeds of basic gene types. For example...you would want to store your Honey Bunny on a Zoomorph habitat(30K max credits,) as opposed to a Sabre habitat(9K max credits,)