View Full Version : My experience with the slots.

Franklyn Musgrave
11-21-2013, 08:57 PM
I recently got the Kong pack, and had 2300 gold left over and decided to use it in the slots....

I got:

2 Buck Maurice - 3K g
1 Zombat - 1.5K g
1 Double XP for 7 days - 500 g
1 Triple XP for 7 days - 1K g
1 reactor token - 500 g
16 Bronze Stars - 800 g
3 Silver Stars - 750 g
20 something XP cola - 80 g
7 XP Jugs - 700 g
8 magnetic keys 400 g
12 Big shot of Mutogen 600 g
12 packs of 25 campaign passes 400 g
A Crapload of med packs ???
and around 6 million credits.1.5k g

The reason I blew that much gold is because I didn't have Buck Maurice or Moncerus(which I still need,) AND I was going for the jackpot...which was around 30K at that time...I didn't get it, but by my ESTIMATES, I got items worth 15K gold...that's six times what I put in. Great deal IMO. That much gold in the bank costs more than $200...the Kong pack was $50, so for that $50 I got Kong, and the 3K g, of which 700 I spent on upgrades and 2300 I spent in the slots.

This seems pretty consistant with what I was getting:


IMO the double and triple XP pack that last 7 DAYS is the best prize...been leveling my mutants like crazy.

My suggestion would be to save up at least 100 chips before going to the slots...that way it's more likely( or at least seems that way lol,) that you are going to get something of value.

Markus Walter
11-21-2013, 09:14 PM
I only used the tokens from the gifts & Event and got so far:
400g worth on Gold wins,
75 Med Packs
2,25 million+/- a bit credits
1 Gold Star
1 Bronze star
3 packs of 25 Campaign Passes
1XP boost of 250Xp
2 Magnetic Keys
and all that without spending real money OR the precious Gold. I especially treasure the Gold wins and the Gold star as those will help me build up strength in the future since I go for daily challenges to somehow later buy me at least one Gold Mutant I want and now I can even try to breed 2 others in Gold. Can't wait for those tries...hopefully I at least get 1 Tank out of it.

The Slots is an awesome game and I love it as long as I get tokens for it. I'm not the kind of person who is lucky and for that I won't invest any Gold into it only to have it waste away. Double & Triple XP are even negative since it affects how much XP YOU as a player get and therefore you will quicker have more difficult enemies. Best would be if you'd manage to reach Mutant-Level max with star Mutants on the lowest level possible due to how PvP works. Shame on me that I found it out too late v.v

Franklyn Musgrave
11-21-2013, 11:43 PM
The XP buffs affect your mutants only...for example, a fight that would yield 100 XP, 100 Fame, and 100 credits with the XP buff would yield 200XP(that only goes to mutants,) 100 Fame(which affects your player level,) and 100 credits.

I get what you are saying though...I'm player lvl 36 with a level 18 evo center. Most of my opponents are in the 40s and 50s, with the occasional 60s or 70s(in which case I'm usually toast,)...which can be bad if they are good players, but it seems like I'm fighting a lot of players who are stacking their defense teams with slow, powerful mutants...Batman, Reactor Enforcer, Captain Peace, Guardian, and the Reactor Techno Taoist are the most common.

. My team is
Reactor Valkyrie(brutal against Techno Taoist and Captain Peace, and Batman...also good against Dire Despot and Behemoth)

Reactor Captain Wrenchfury(Strong against Enforcer and Batman, brutal against Techno Taoist & Cap. Peace...good against Dire Despot also)

Gold Sirena(Brutal against Guardian...also good against Behemoth, Wrenchfury, and Sirena who pop up from time to time,)

...all(and only lol,) gold stars and all mutant level 18. A pretty fast team, and when I fight a team of slow tanks, I can usually one-shot the first mutant in the opponents rotation with my tag and have 3 more turns to take out another before they get a chance to go.