View Full Version : We need black hole to have presaved recipes

01-31-2018, 01:08 AM
There needs to be 7 empty squares below the material square lists at the top of the black hole crafting screen where you can drag 7 materials into different material slots, along with a button that says Inject items into black hole or something like that where it will put those items into the black hole without having to click each item one by one through a scrolling wheel. That or replace the current scrolling wheel with a 7 item square above that you can implant a recipe, and once you use the recipe it the squares won't go blank, have the same items you used before in the squares to be used again. Or have the items you place in the black hole stay in the black hole after conuming them so long as you have multiples of the items in your inventory.

Its to tedious to throw a ton of crap in there using complex recipes over and over and its extremely time consuming for people who have jobs and so much time to play on this game. Please make the crafting more convinent for everyone including those that pay for your game and company to keep running.