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Frank Hege
11-23-2013, 12:03 PM

so i have some questions because i dont know whats going on in the game? the joy to play meanwhile changed a lot against anger for me.

1.) whats wrong with this powerup? finally i bought one cause i still had some gold and i thought this will help me to come back to the top10% in pvp.

but afterwards i had 2 critical attacs in 50 attacks (in pvp, vegas, campaing) - so i paid 50 gold for protect me from having a critical attack? its less then without!! ?????

2.) whats this bug (?) in pvp? i am meanwhile used to to lose against level 40 plaers cause i just the mutants that were shown in the diagramm and because they have some reactor mutants. ok its like this and pvp is now made mainly for cheaters and cashplayers. what ever.

but why i get after a losingstrike of 5 or more, when i win win even just 1 fight directly an opponent that have 160 points more in the tournament!!! today i changed 4 times and it was allways the same. this circle i had during this tournament already a lot of times.

i had 2 lucky days where i could made some points by getting into a good line and won a lot of fights in a row but this circle allways nails me down again. i just did 1 fight for the daily quest today and because of the reasons i wrote i crashed from 9% to 15% and lost 120 points. just because i lost the first fight (because of 4 critical attacks of my opponent in 5 attacks - so it seems it can also work) and then the start of this damn downward spiral!

3.) is there a chance that the support will ever answer a ticket? meanwhile i wait since 5 days for an answer and help about my lost things from the slotmachine.

ok thats it. sorry if it sounds angry but since a while the game is not that much fun anymore because of a lot of changes. i guess if i wouldnt like that game so much i already deleted it. so i hope for some answers and maybe also for the comeback of the funfactor!


Benjamin Wilton
11-26-2013, 04:47 PM
1.) You bough a crit power up aye? ok lemme explain

What you brought was 50% extra crit? Yes? actually Wrong its not +50%!

what you actually bought was an extra 50% crit.. So lets just say it like this a mutant has a 10% chance to crit 50% of 10% is equal to 5% so Crit with Power-up is 15%.

So formula is Crit x 1.5 = Powered Up Crit

2.) use maxxed level mutants i win if i use my level17s but i alway lose if i use lower when in 50% bracket
....Pvp system is so buggy mate they can have 3 zombies in there crew and it would show they have high attack against zoomorphs with 0 attack in astro +robot
....Another thing just keep switching i am level 30ish and i get level67 players not that some are hard far from it it just means there close to your ranking
....If your getting loads of level30s you are at the high level you can achieve simply put level up, add over 500 people so u can have some decent call up attacks
....Remember Cross breeder is your friend get some bronze star mutants and aim for super heroes reactor as 2-3 of them are OP :3

3.) pm a mod on forum they will nudge support

Hope this helps