View Full Version : Campaign-need assistance from other psy captains

Michael Hamm
11-24-2013, 12:41 AM
Im trying to finish Omega-Atlantic Blood Flooded Fields, and im running into a roadblock, so i need advice. I was stuck on fight 6 (bounty bug/zomborg) for days, but today i got the 1 day crit and anti-crit boosters and combined with a good tag team i finally beat it. But now im on fight 7 and cant figure out what to do. Im only lvl 26 capped, so these 37s are kicking my butt
Part 1-
Planet Cleaner

Second half
Dire Despot

They have such a heavy spread of damage types, i cant seem to figure out a solid team. Add in their massive HP and even my slow heavy hitters cant 2 shot them without a crit. So any suggestions on how you beat it would be appreciated. (also, let me know if there are good combos to use for the last 2 fights. boss might be hard as i only have 1 necro primary gold mutant)

Ryan LaMantia
11-24-2013, 04:07 AM
First you will need to have a powerful tag.

As far as your current match it will take some strategy to beat it and possibly some gold to use the tag mutant again.

I would suggest a fast mutant+tag to take out the cerebrus. Your other two mutants be power attackers but together be able to defeat the planet cleaner (strong necro most likely).

Then second half I would see how your speed will deal with the enforcer and dire. Most likely without the tag you will not be able to defeat enforcer. So I would use all 3 of your mutants to focus fire on the dire (hopefully killing it). The enforcer will most likely kill one of your mutants. Then attack the enforcer with all you have, I would have 20 gold just in case to use an additional tag in case you are unable to kill one of the mutants you need.