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02-22-2015, 02:16 AM
Hi everyone!

Me, and my country's community group, think that the game should take a step back about the new campaign's system. Not only we, because I've read a lot of people complaining about this new system. After you admin updated the new system of reducing the tickets price and the exp as well, the game got boring and stressful since now we have to apply more effort and TIME than the usual and exping the mutants became insanely difficult because no tag are used for health anymore. I started this game because it was a "quick" game; log in > plays 5 minutes > quit. I think most of people joined for this reason too, especially adults since they have to work and sometimes they could afford to support you by shopping something. Some people are quitting the game because now exp is simply too long, like for me, because I can reach 100 tickets instead of 50. You could say "then don't use them all", right? No, because I spent so much time and money to gather all the gold necessary to upgrade to 100 tickets (2500 golds). What I'm trying to say? Bing back the old system, please. Maybe:

Alpha: 10 tickets
Beta: 12 tickets
Delta: 15 tickets
Omega: 20 tickets
Supra: 22 tickets
Mega: 25 tickets

And obviously increase the exp. Please, bring back the old system before more psy-captains left the game.
If you, player, agree with my opinion, reply with "I agree with him" and help this game. Thank you for the attention!

Kokkobello Cocco
02-22-2015, 02:25 AM
I agree with him

02-22-2015, 02:34 AM
Too slow and too boring...the old system was better! I 've got 9000 tickets and I Will never use them! Please kobojo bring back the old system!

Angga Zein Nueri
02-22-2015, 04:56 AM
Yes ..please back system..

02-22-2015, 06:27 AM
agree : +1

02-22-2015, 08:23 AM
completely agree :)

Cagliostro Demostene
02-22-2015, 09:39 AM
I agree with him only the ticket, leave them at 10 :eagerness:

Virus787 aka Mad˛ChePalle
02-22-2015, 01:43 PM
I agree with him

john mentex
02-23-2015, 02:43 AM
I agree 100%!

David Deal
02-23-2015, 02:21 PM
I completely disagree. The credit per ticket was held constant while the xp to raise was not doubled but increased by 1.75x that means the ticket to xp to fame/mutant evo ratio got better. Additionally, supra and mega divisions vastly surpass the xp of the old omega division making it possible to blow through your fame xp way faster than before. I think it's better, but it is slower for newer players than before which I recognize. It's more important than ever to focus on building your rooftops and take your time leveling. Once you hit evo 35+ you will feel the improvement as you can pl with dezinger on the final boss fight and it feels like the old game pace to level.

02-23-2015, 02:43 PM
Once you hit evo 35+ you will feel the improvement as you can pl with dezinger on the final boss fight and it feels like the old game pace to level.

Hey David,

I'm currentyl evo 35, but I am not sure to understand your statement about dezinger and final boss. Which division do you refer to ? Could you give us more details ?

Thanks a lot,