View Full Version : Suggestion : New Game Mutant

Koen Deprez
03-08-2015, 08:13 PM
Well , since a few months Kobojo is releasing Game mutants ( Like Mario Bros , Lara Croft ... ) and since one iconic game is releasing this year it's tenth official game , I got an idea for a game mutant for MGG . The game is Mortal Kombat and the character I would love to see put as a Game mutant onhere is Scorpion .
His genes would be saber/undead (or the other way around) , could be called Skorpion and his attacks could be :
1) Teleport attack : Skorpion teleports behind his oppoinent and punches him/her/it . Upgraded : Teleports and kicks his opponent .
2) Spear throw : His Iconic MK move . Throws his spear into his opponent . Upgraded : Throws the spear , drag the opponent closer and uppercut him .

Just my idea