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03-13-2015, 01:06 AM
After seeing so many posts about a trading system, I have decided to make on myself; explaining how it is a difficult thing to implement, along with some suggestions on how to integrate it into the game. I for one, would love a trading system, but I also understand how it may or may not work out for the game as a whole. So hopefully I can strike gold with some middle ground for people to consider.

Why is adding a trading system difficult?
Adding a trading system can break the economics of the game. At the end of the day, Kobojo is a business, and needs money in order to advance the game for us to enjoy. Having a free trading system will dissolve the money made from the players who spend money on gold and mutants.

How does it dissolve revenue?
Simple; abuse. Adding a trading system can cause players to (re)breed a mutant, and share it to others; and can even profit from it. All it takes is a handful of players to buy a mutant, duplicate it, and distribute, and thus, less people will buy gold and mutants. This even gets rid of the main goal of the game, and that is to breed mutants; you will no longer be an incentive to breed. This also applies to reactor mutants and slots.

Other points
Also, with integrating the trade system, new players can simply walk in, make a new account, and acquire every mutant they need at the get go. It will also get rid of breeding, working you way up, and less overall playing.

How to avoid trade abuse
- You can only trade unhatched mutants

This will prevent players from breeding and selling legendary mutants as bred mutants go directly to the incubator. This leaves the only mutants available for trade are reactor mutants, PvP/PvE mutants, and store bought mutants.
On top of that, players will still have to go through the effort of breeding

- Reactor mutants cannot count towards the free mutants

This prevents players of having no incentive to do reactor spins
Can also make it so reactor mutants are untradeable

- The trading block is unlocked at a specific level

This prevents new players from getting everything via trade in the beginning
This can be unlocked at 100 fame, or evo 25, or beating omega division for example

- Limit amount of trades

Players can trade for anything if they have a lot of unhatched mutants, this can be avoided by having 1 trade every 2 weeks, or month, or couple months
Can make that the trade centre is only open on a certain day, or a countdown after a trade (and can even pay gold to accelerate too)
Another way to limit is maybe even a trade token; which can be earned or bought
Or even pay some gold to trade; ie. both parties pay 250 gold to trade with one another.
Obviously, only trading amongst Facebook friends

Instead of a trading system, how about a marketplace
- You can more or less follow some of the guidelines above, such as unhatched mutants, limit number of trades, and minimum fame/evo/campaign.
- A way to sell your mutants to another players

Each mutant has a market price, which can be made by Kobojo based on past prices.
A player puts up their mutant for sale at that price, and a player can pay gold for that mutant
The person who sold the mutant will not get 100% of the gold
Example: Player A puts (Normal) Galactic Guardian up for sale; market value is 700 gold. Player B buys it for 700 gold, but Player A receives 350 gold.

- A trading system can cause Kobojo to not make money, and thus cannot fund the game
- Having parameters such as unhatched mutants, limit trades, pay to trade can help with this issue

Anyways, that is my 2 cents, if I think of anything to add, I will edit it in.

Master Blaster
03-13-2015, 04:09 AM
You've given it a lot of thought Howard and have given it a lot of consideration and it shows, I haven't had a chance to digest it all but I am looking forward to rereading it again in the morning when I am fresh. I've never really liked the idea of trading mutants after working so hard breeding mine and I think that secret mutants should have to be bred and not traded as well which would be made much easier with trading but the shop has opened that door a while back selling them. I'm wiped out and I'm sure I am starting to babble, Leveling up mutants anymore has a fatigue factor brought on by boredom and eye strain.

03-13-2015, 06:47 AM
Granted, I did a similar post a while back but it got deleted with the forum getting changed up. So it wasn't really too much though this time.

Grim Jack
03-13-2015, 04:01 PM
I think the marketplace idea would be a better solution to the 'problem' of having muts you don't need/want and wanting another method of gaining one you do. And obviously the system would need to be as fail safe as possible to minimize lost revenue for K.

So what about this:

K sets buy prices in gold.
Players remove the larva from inventory and place them in the marketplace.
When another player purchases the mut, the player who placed it in the marketplace receives credits.

This way players use gold (K makes money) and extra muts get turned into something useful instead of sitting forever in inventory.

Of course I'd rather get gold for my extras but something is better than nothing and perhaps this is an economy safe option.

Master Blaster
03-13-2015, 07:28 PM
After rereading it again Howard I have to agree with Grim on The Market Place and the Market Place would probably be the safest way to regulate trading and would give Kobojo complete control over all trades which I think they would be more inclined to agree with and adopt. I would still like to see a couple of your other ideas incorporated into the market place like first like reaching a fame level 100 or even beating omega division before anyone is allowed to trade, I think it should be a earned privilege rather then a instant right upon entering the game. I also like your idea of restricting sales to every 2 weeks possibly to start after a larva is sold and it could even have a open or closed sign to indicate when you are allowed to trade rather then constantly checking after a week and a half (a watched pot never boils). But definitely a gold transaction if at all possible which I think you thought out well to get Kobojo onboard by giving them a fair share portion of the gold transaction. I Know 350 gold would satisfy me but 5mil or 350mil credits after halfing credits with Kobojo would leave me wanting after the transaction but as Grim said "Something is better then nothing.

My 2 cents

Well done Howard

03-14-2015, 05:35 PM
Obviously gold is preferred, as most of the ones in the inventory are bought with gold. But then there are some that are credits, so I can see why credits with be easier to manage.

There is also a abuse of say buying a mutant for credit (IE. The recent Oida) and reselling for gold a bunch of times. So I guess credits is the safe option, or lower the gold received to say 50. Credit wise, 1 or 2 million for the person selling the mutant, and say 700 gold cost for the person buying could suffice. It'll be the same as buying a new mutant, but help with players impatient and needing a specific mutant.

I personally don't quite care about what I receive to be honest, but I just hate to rid of a mutant for no reason. I know somewhere out there that someone wants that mutant for any cost.

Jack Jones
03-15-2015, 12:10 AM
ok have read through this and i see one main problem. Basically is it worth the effort for both kobojo and the players, the net gain isn't that significant to players and does nothing for kobojo. This would take a lot to implement and may easily be the elephant in the room. I understand what you are aiming for, but the introduction for trading mutants i do not think will benefit the game as a whole.

Abraham Shewfelt
03-15-2015, 05:47 PM
generally hear is the way most people would use the system that you have proposed, they wouldn't. the main problem with it is that no one wants credits in the game REASONS 1 you cant bye non basic mutants. 2 you cant use them at the reactor, 3 you cant turn them into gold.

If you use a 100% credits system that allows you to sell developed mutants on the other hand.(how else would i get rid of my 3 lvl 5 silver beasts and make a profit?)

Grim Jack
03-15-2015, 08:35 PM
generally hear is the way most people would use the system that you have proposed, they wouldn't. the main problem with it is that no one wants credits in the game REASONS 1 you cant bye non basic mutants. 2 you cant use them at the reactor, 3 you cant turn them into gold.

If you use a 100% credits system that allows you to sell developed mutants on the other hand.(how else would i get rid of my 3 lvl 5 silver beasts and make a profit?)

With as many replies as I see to every post Kobojo does on FB requesting this or that mutant, I believe it would be used plenty.

Credits level up EVO and buy CP. What's wrong with that?

Master Blaster
03-15-2015, 09:40 PM
Most of the mutants I would be trading in would be gold star so 100 gold sounds reasonable, Even even if bought in a 3 for 1 sale Kobojo would be making 200 gold and 400 at regular shop price. That might just cover the gold stars won in PvP & PvE that people would trade in.

But then again I have no idea on what the percentages are on the above and could be way off in my thinking.